Tell Me A Dragon – The Wonderful Art of Jackie Morris – A Post a Day in May

As you know by now, I’m fond of children’s books. Especially picture books. I only have a small collection, but I cherish every single book. Those I usually like the most are the ones that have been written and illustrated by the same person. When I discovered Jackie Morris and her art on Twitter, I knew immediately that I would love to collect her books. The artwork is just stunning.

She has also done several very interesting collaborations. Lost Words, her collaboration with Robert MacFarlane, garnered a lot of praise.

Fantasy Fans will know her from her cover art of Robin Hobb’s famous series.

Her books are exquisite and appeal to adults just as much as they appeal to children.

Even though I want to collect her books, I have only gotten one so far. The picture book – Tell Me A Dragon.


I absolutely love it. The artwork is delicate, the colors so intense.


I know I will get the books she did with Robert Macfarlen, Lost Words and Lost Spells, which hasn’t been published yet.

But I would also like to get her other picture books eventually.

Jackie Morris lives in Wales with her children and three cats.  It’s worth following her on Twitter. It’s such a lovely account with photos, kitten pics, and sneak peeks at her art. Here’s the link to her Twitter account and the link to her blog.

13 thoughts on “Tell Me A Dragon – The Wonderful Art of Jackie Morris – A Post a Day in May

  1. This looks so beautiful, Caroline! I want, I want! 😁 I didn’t know that Jackie Morris did the cover art for Robin Hobb’s books. I loved Jackie Morris’ ‘East of the Sun, West of the Moon’. It has beautiful artwork too. Thanks for sharing her beautiful artwork.

  2. I am moved by all the artworks here, Caroline. Your blog is a treasure chest. I have read Robin Hobb’s books, and all this while, I didn’t know that Jackie Morris had designed the cover. Every book that you have mentioned here is a collector’s item. ‘Tell Me A Dragon’ looks gorgeous.

    • Aww, thank you so much. I’m vdery happy you like it. She’s an amazing artist. This book is so gorgeous. The Hobb covers are nice as well but not as striking as her books.

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