Angela Carter Week June 2014 – Wrap-up

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This was such an exciting week. When Delia and I decided to host an Angela Carter Week we couldn’t foresee such a great success. So many fascinating posts and discussions. So many people who have either discovered a new favourite author or rediscovered her writing. What I liked best was the enthusiasm and the lively discussions and how all of our posts together are like one big tapestry, which mirrors and illustrates Angela Carter’s themes, the symbolism in her work, the topics.

It was great to see that some picked up a second book after finishing the first and certainly will go on reading her.

There were some critical comments as well. There should be, actually, after all, she’s a provocative writer and some of her topics are disturbing and can make a reader feel uncomfortable. I don’t think she ever wanted to please and that’s illustrated in some of our posts as well.

We’ve had 34 contributions, one of which from Russia. I had to use google translate to read it and wouldn’t have seen it if the writer of the post hadn’t linked to my post. Unfortunately I couldn’t leave a comment.


Thanks to everyone who joined us, to those who read Angela Carter’s books, wrote about them, discussed them and to those who read our thoughts on her work.

A very big thank you goes to Delia, my co-host.


Here are the links to all the participants’ posts.

1. Brona 14. Danielle @ A Work in Progress – Angela Carter’s Fairy Tales Part 1 27. Caroline @ Beauty is a Sleeping Cat – American Ghosts and Old World Wonders
2. Melinda Jane Harrison 15. TJ @ MyBook Strings (Love) 28. Yasmine Rose – Love
3. Bluebeard (Dolce Bellezza) 16. Priya @ Tabula Rasa (American Ghosts and Old World Wonders) 29. Vishy (The Magic Toyshop)
4. TJ @ MyBook Strings (Love) 17. Helen @ She Reads Novels (The Bloody Chamber) 30. The Reading Life Angela Carter on Tales Versus Traditional Short Stories
5. Violet @ Still Life With Books // Love 18. Brona (The Bloody Chamber – the cat stories) 31. Brona (The Fall River Axe Murders)
6. The Reading Life (The Man Who Loved a Double Bass) 19. Jane @ Fleur in her World (The Magic Toyshop) 32. Book Notes – Кровавая &#
7. Candiss @ Read the Gamut (The Fall River Axe Murders) 20. Violet @ Still Life With Books // Heroes and Villains 33. Delia @ Postcards from Asia – Nights at the Circus
8. The Reading Life “ Black Venus” plus Rushdie picks 21. Helen @ a gallimaufry (Several Perceptions) 34. Danielle @ A Work in Progress – Angela Carter’s Fairy Tales Part 2
9. Delia @ Postcards from Asia – The Bloody Chamber 22. The Reading Life “ The Company of Wolves” 35. Yasmine Rose – Fireworks
10. Caroline @ Beauty is a Sleeping Cat – The Magic Toyshop 23. Yasmine Rose – Bluebeard 36. Lit Nerd – Nights at the Circus
11. Violet @ Still Life With Books // The Magic Toyshop 24. Cathy 746 Books 37. TJ @ MyBookStrings – A Card From Angela Carter by Susannah Clapp
12. Brona (The Bloody Chamber) 25. Lindy Lit – Black Venus
13. The Reading Life “ Wolf Alice” 26. Brona (The Bloody Chamber – the rest!)
Angela Carter Week

32 thoughts on “Angela Carter Week June 2014 – Wrap-up

  1. Wow such a great response! I didn’t have much time to look at other peoples posts during the week but will have a look when I get home from work those evening.

      • Thank you for co-hosting with Delia! I didn’t want it to end, I still have a review of Fireworks to write up and I got through half of Nothing Sacred which I will hopefully finish this week!

  2. Thanks for hosting Angela Carter week with Delia, Caroline. I enjoyed participating in it and reading my first Carter novel. It was nice to see so many readers participating in it and reviewing Angela Carter’s books. It looks like ‘The Bloody Chamber’ and ‘The Magic Toyshop’ were the most popular books during Angela Carter week 🙂 It was nice to see a participant from Russia. I loved the Russian cover of ‘The Bloody Chamber’.

    • I forgot to mention one more thing. It was nice to see your mention on the critical posts on Carter’s work. I enjoyed reading some of those critical posts. If everyone says Angela Carter is great, what is the fun in that? What is life without some spice 🙂

    • Isn’t that great – a Russian participant. 🙂
      Thanks for joining us, Vishy. Yes. there was a bit of a trend regarding her books.
      But there’s a post about almost all of her works.

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  4. Thanks for hosting. Unfortunately, I got sick and missed the second half of the week, but I’ll catch up reading reviews over the next couple of days. I’d say the week was a success!

  5. Thank you so much for co-hosting this event. I had so much reading and researching and reviewing The Bloody Chamber. It has been ages since I took the time to really get into an author’s space – it was fascinating – even as you mentioned, the critical comments – they just added flavour to the whole mix 🙂

    I hope you do this again next year, so I have a good excuse to read some more Carter.

    • You’re welocme. Thank you for joining us. It’s another type of reading experiece to immerse in one writer’s work, isn’t it?
      WE might do this or something else again. 🙂

  6. This was a great event and thanks for hosting. Sadly I could not participate as I had planned to do as unexpected business travel got in the way. Angela Carter looks to be great author and I plan to read her work soon. Lots of great posts here also. I will continue to explore them.

  7. Congratulations on a fantastic week. And I love the way you’ve arranged the posts that were written. If only I had a bit more time, but I’ll be back when life is calmer to read through some of them. I love Angela Carter’s work and wish I could have reviewed something myself. Another year, perhaps!

  8. In here in the remote Northwoods of Wisconsin, sorry that Angela Carter Week is over. I only read Bluebeard, and most of Nights in The Circus, but while I am sad I didn’t read more I’m glad that I’ve been introduced to Miss Angela. I will get to The Magical Toyshop later this summer. So glad you and Delia hosted this event! xo

  9. Very cool–so nice that there was such a diversity of readers! It is always interesting to hear what others are reading and what they think and to read along at the same time! She is certainly an author I will continue to read and explore–thanks for organizing this–isn’t it gratifying to know you sparked so much reading and thinking?! 🙂

    • Isn’t it amazing, in only just one week? I wouldn’t have expected it. I wasn’t doing much else than reading Angela Carter or posts on her work. 🙂 It was quite immersive. I’m really pleased.
      Thank you for participating as well.

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  11. Great week. Thanks to the hosts and the participants. This type of event is what makes the international book blog community so worthwhile.

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