Zucco’s Page

For my regular readers – Zucco isn’t one of my cats – it’s a friend’s cat. 

Thank you for clicking on my picture. My name is Zucco and I have been missing since August 20, 2019.

On Tuesday morning, 8.30 am I went into the back garden in Kirkby-in Ashfield, Cricket Close/Bentnick Close/Nuncargate, NG17, Nottinghamshire and disappeared.

I always loved to go out for a quick stroll, but then would go back in right away. Not so this morning. I never returned. What has happened to me? Did I go looking for my cat buddy Leo who went missing the day before? Couldn’t I find my way back? Was I chased off by someone or another cat? Did someone take me in? Was I stolen, poisoned, shot? So much is possible but only one thing is certain – I didn’t just vanish.

Please, if you can help me find my way back – I will be forever grateful. I’m terribly missed by my best friend. Not knowing what happened to me is breaking her heart. Any information is most welcome. For information that leads to my safe return there will be a reward.

Thank you so much for reading.

This is me with my buddy Leo


Here is some additional info you might need:

I am a timid white/tabby cat




Wearing a silver reflective collar

Around 8 years old

No teeth

Torn ears

Walk with a limp

White belly

White chest

4 x white socks

White left whisker pouch

Beautiful big green soulful eyes


If you know anything about Zucco’s whereabouts, please, get in touch – leave a comment here or contact Sass Pirelli @LaikaTwat on Twitter. Thank you for your help and interest.