German Literature Month 2014

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Good morning/afternoon/evening, German(-language) literature lovers.  It’s time to look through your TBR piles and hunt out all the German literature you can find.  #germanlitmonth is returning for year four!

In years past Lizzy and I have structured the whole month for guidance, but now that a wealth of ideas and reviews exists in the blogosphere (see footnote), we no longer think that’s necessary.  This year we’re each going to host a themed week, leaving the rest of the month for you to read as you please. However, to make things more playful, we’re incorporating an optional pick and mix!

The overall structure of the month looks like this.

Nov 1-2      Introductions and reading plans

Nov 3-9      Award Winners Week (hosted by Lizzy)

Nov 10-23  Read as You Please

Nov 24-30 Joseph Roth Week (hosted by Caroline, with the Literature and War group read, Flight Without End, on the 29th)

Joseph Roth

At any time during the month you can pick and mix by reading and posting about any of the categories listed below, Each review will receive at least one entry into a prize draw. If the review fits multiple categories, you will earn multiple entries.  For example if you participate in my Literature and War read, you will get two entries: 1 for category 5 and another for category 6.

Pick and Mix Categories

1) Read and review an award winner.

2) Read and review a work that is not a novel.

3) Read and review a recommendation from German Literature Months 1-3. (See footnote)

4)To commemorate the 25th anniversary of The Fall of the Wall, read and review a work relating to the GDR or the Berlin Wall.

5) To commemorate armistice day, read and review a work relating to the First World War

6) Read and review a work written by or relating to Joseph Roth

7) Read a work published in German original or in translation during 2014

For the purposes of clarity, all reviews must relate to works originally written in German, regardless of the author’s nationality.  The winner of the pick and mix prize will be announced during the first week of December.

Apart from that, there are no other rules.  You can participate in the themed weeks and the pick and mix as much or as little as you wish. You can do your own thing too, if you so chose.  If you don’t have a blog, you are welcome to review on librarything or goodreads or similar or even write a guest post for one of the host blogs.

The main focus of the month is to share and enjoy German-language literature.  We hope you  decide to join us.



Footnote – Indices of reviews from previous years

German Literature Month 2011 (

German Literature Month 2012 (

German Literature Month 2013


German Literature Month 2014 -Links

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