World Cinema Series 2012

The idea of this series is to take a trip around the world in movies.

The goal is to watch and review at least one movie per country. It will take how long it takes but two movies per month would be great. More than one movie per country is of course OK as well.

If you’d like to know  more here is my Introductory post

Just for your information I will not add every movie cover.

The Countries and Movies


Bar “El Chino”  (2004) – Richard (Caravana de recuerdos)


Animal Kingdom (2010) – TBM (50 Year Project)


Klimt (2006) – Obooki (Obooki’s Obloquy)


At Midnight I Will Take Your Soul  (1963) – Obooki (Obooki’s Obloquy)

Besouro aka The Assailant (2009) – Nekoneko (Nekoneko’s Movie Litterbox)


Familia (2005) – Guy (Phoenix Cinema)


Sleepwalker 3D (2011 Hong Kong) – Nekoneko (Nekoneko’s Movie Litterbox)

House of Flying Daggers -rtm (Flixchatter)

The Road Home (2000) – Fiona (Popcorn Pictures)

In the Mood for Love (2000) – Fiona (Popcorn Pictures)

Happy Together (1997) – Fiona (Popcorn Pictures)


Bolivar is me – Bolívar es yo (2002) Guy (Phoenix Cinema)

Czech Republic/ Fromer Czechoslovakia

Protektor (2009) – Guy (Phoenix Cinema)

Larks on a String (1969) – Dwight (A Common Reader)

Capricious Summer (1968) – Dwight (A Common Reader)


In Your Hands (2004) – Fiona (Popcorn Pictures)

The Inheritance (2003) – Fiona (Popcorn Pictures)

Open Hearts (2002) – Fiona (Popcorn Pictures)

Pusher (1996) – Fiona (Popcorn Pictures)

Melancholia (2011) – Caroline (Beauty is a Sleeping Cat)

Aftermath (2004) – Fiona (Popcorn Pictures)

Dancers -Fiona (Popcorn Pictures)

Murk (2005) – Fiona (Popcorn Pictures)


C’est La Vie (1990) – Guy (Phoenix Cinema)

Love is my Profession – En cas he malheur (1958) – Guy (Phoenix Cinema)

La Ronde (1950) – Dwight (A Common Reader)

Amélie – TBM (50 Year Project)

Persepolis (2007) – Fiona (Popcorn Pictures)

When Pigs Have Wings (2011) – Fiona (Popcorn Pictures)


Soul Kitchen (2009) – Sarah (what we have here is a failure to communicate)

100 Years of Adolf Hitler (1989) – Obboki (Obooki’s Obloquy)

Little Dieter Wants to Fly (1998) – Séamus (Vapour Trails)

Der blaue Engel – The Blue Angel (1930) – Guy (Phoenix Cinema)

Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980) Richard (Caravana de recuerdos)

NaPola (2004) – Novia (Polychrime Interest)


Szinbád (1971) – Dwight (A Common Reader)


Heima (2007) – Dwight (A Common Reader)


Shaapit:The Cursed (2010) – Nekoneko (Nekoneko’s Movie Litterbox)


The Raid: Redemption  (2011) – Novroz (Polychrome Interest)

Pintu Terlarang aka The Forbidden Door (2009 ) – Novroz (Polychrome Interest)

The Raid:Redemption (2012) – Nekoneko (Nekoneko’s Movie Litterbox)


His and Hers – Ronan (Filmplicity)

The Guard (2011) – Sarah (what we have here is a failure to communicate)

Ireland (then and now) through Cillian Murphy’s movies The Wind that Shakes the Barley and Perrier’s Bounty – Novroz (Polychrome Interest)


Lemon Tree (2008) – Caroline Beauty is a Sleeping Cat)

Kalevet – Rabies (2010) – Nekoneko (Nekoneko’s Movie Litterbox)


Cinema Paradiso (1988) – rtm (Flixchatter)

Bicycle Thieves – Ladri di biciclette (1948) – Seamus (Vapour Trails)

Life is beautiful (1998) – Fiona (Popcorn Pictures)

Rome Open City – Roma città aperta (1945) Richard (Caravana de recuerdos)

The Conformist (1970) – Séamus (Vapour Trails)


Whisper of the Heart – Ronan (Filmplicity)

A Story of Floating Weeds (1934) – Dwight (A Common Reader)

13 Assassins (2010) – Novroz (Polychrome Interest)

Kuroneko (1968) – Richard (Caravana de recuerdos)

Woman in the Dunes (1964) Rise (in lieu of a field guide)

Way of Blue Sky – Slice of Life Teen Movie – Dhitzunako (Across Dhitz Universe)

Arrietty (2010) – Fiona (Popcorn Pictures)


The Fox Familiy – Gumiho gajok   – Obooki (obooki’s obloquy)

War of the Arrows (2011) – Nekoneko (Nekoneko’s Movie Litterbox)


Caramel – Sukkar banat – Caroline (Beauty is a Sleeping Cat)


Alamak…. Toyol (2011) – Nekoneko (Nekoneko’s Movie Litterbox)


Miss Bala (2011) – Guy (Phoenix Cinema)

La Zona (2007) – Guy (Phoenix Cinema)


Happy Happy (2010) – Guy (Phoenix Cinema)


La ciudad y los perros – The City and the Dogs (1985) – Guy (His Futile Preoccupations)


Aswang (2011) – Nekoneko (Nekoneko’s Movie Litterbox)


The Hour-Glass Sanatorium (1973) -Dwight (A Common Reader)

The Doll (1968) – Dwight (A Common Reader)

 Faithful River (1987) – Dwight (A Common Reader)

Ashes and Diamonds (1958) – Dwight (A Common Reader)

Katyn (2007) Fiona (The Book Coop aka Popcorn Pictures)


Torpedo Bomber  (1983) – Guy (Phoenix Cinema)

Shine, Shine, My Star – Gori, Gori, Moya zvezda (1969) – Guy (Phoenix Cinema)

Tsar – Ronan (Filmplicity)

Father & Son (2003) -TBM (50 Year Project)


Moolaadé (2004) – Caroline (Beauty is a Sleeping Cat)

South Africa

District 9 (2009) – rtm (Flixchatter)


Cell 211 – Celda 211 (2009) – TBM (50Year Project)

Julia’s Eyes – Ronan (Filmplicity)

Cuadecuc, vampir (1971) – Obooki (obooki’s obloquy)

El abuelo- The Grandfather (1988) – Dwight ( A Common Reader)

La ciudad de los prodigos – City of Marvels (1999) – Diwght (A Common Reader)

Why Do They Call it Love When They Mean Sex? (1993) – Guy (Phoenix Cinema)


Let the Right one In – Låt den rätte komma in (2008) – Novroz (Polychrome Interest)

Everlasting Moments – Eviga Ögonblick (2008) – Caroline (Beauty is a Sleeping Cat)


The Unborn Child (2011) – Nekoneko (Nekoneko’s Movie Litterbox)

Shutter (2004) – Fiona (Popcorn Pictures)


Cehennem (2010) – Nekoneko (Nekoneko’s Movie Litterbox)


Route Irish – Ronan (Filmplicity)

An Education (2009) – rtm (Flixchatter)

Nowhere Boy (2009) – rtm (Flixchatter)

Amazing Grace (2006) – Novroz (Polychrome Interest)


Prometheus (2012) – Novroz (Polychrome Interest)


Manuela Saénz (2001) – Guy (His Futile Preoccupations)


When Father Was Away on Business (1985) – Guy (Phoenix Cinema)

190 thoughts on “World Cinema Series 2012

  1. Pingback: Caramel – Sukkar banat (2007) World Cinema Series – Lebanon « Beauty is a Sleeping Cat

    • Yes, of course, I will add them and people can then find all sorts of movies from different countries. That will be great.
      I was wondering though how to classify. I have an interesting German movie that is set in Cambodia and abot Cambodia. Where would I put it?

      • I would classify that as a Cambodian movie since the idea is to travel through the movies and that movie is allowing you to visit Cambodia…right?

        I want to join you as wll. 🙂

        • Oh yes, please, do join me too. that will be fun.
          I also thought that this might qualify as “Cambodian” as Cambodia is the setting and to a large extent the topic of the movie. But I don’t think I would exclude a movie like “The Quiet American” and label it “Vietnam”. The emphasis is stil on movies like Caramel, made by a Lebanese director and set in Lebanon.
          Documentaries however would be intersting too if they are artfully done.

        • Great. i thin we can be flexible but it should make sense.
          my main aim is to introduce people to the cinema from countries that they are less familar with and also discover movies. I have for example not seen many movies from Africa. And am missing some Asian coutries like Indonesia. 🙂

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  3. Great idea!
    I’m trying to do kinda the same thing, but I’ll take it as it comes. It’s more unofficial with me.
    I’ve never seen a Lebanese film before, sounds interesting…

    By the way, how are you going to choose your films?

    • Thanks mettemk, come back and add your links, if you like.
      How will i choose them, well I’m sort of guided from movie to the next, I look on amazon and other sites what movies come up that are similar and try to get those. I look what has receioved a prize in a festival. Or people recommend them. And cinema of course. I have always watched more non-US than US movies. We have many so-called studio cinemas in my town and there you can see great movies all the time. 50% at least are non-US productions but from all over the world.
      It was my first Lebanese movie as well.
      I’ve seen another one but that’s a documentary on the war. Sad.

  4. This is a great idea! I’ve been watching more foreign films since moving to London. I’ll do my best to review two a month. Can I pick any foreign films?

    • By all means, yes, we pick whatever we like. I noticed I have a very huge pile by now. Will have to get to those first. Korea, China, Hungary, Sweden, Israel, Iran…

        • I’m in! I just posted on my blog about the series. I hope a lot of people join in on the fun. It will be great to see the world through other’s eyes.

          • Great, I’m glad you will be joining but I’m such a dork, I should have posted a proper intro…
            I’ll do it on Sunday now. Meanwhile coincidentally Richard from Caravana de recuerdos has started a foreign film festival which is completely in line with this. That adds even more participants.

              • I’m not sure yet as I have only seen it this morning and it was a pure coincidence. I need to write that intro post and meanwhile see with Richard how he’d like to do it. You can also sign up with him too. We aren’t competing.
                We should and enjoy it and broaden our movie horizons. 🙂

                    • Caroline, thanks for directing your readers my way already. As I’ve told you offline, it’s not necessary but it’s much appreciated (esp. since I’ve now met TBM) and it should be a ton of fun to see what people end up watching with their choices over the year. Speaking of which, do you know what you’ll be watching next or is it a secret? Anyway, you can count on me for active participation in your Series starting tonight or tomorrow in all likelihood. Cheers!

                    • It’s shameful to admit but while others have huge TBR piles (I do as well) I additioanyll have huge watching piles. That’s how the idea started. I saw that I have DVDs from at least 15 countries. I can’t really decide in advance, I pick what I fancy. I have already watched two I wanted to review – Kitchen based on Banana Yoshimotos novel but it is a Chinese movie from the 90s and the Mexican Cronicas. I’m not watching recent movies only. I haven’t decided yet whether I’m also reviewing those I did not like or whether the whole series should be more like “recommendations”. Any thoughts on that?

  5. Novia at “Polychrome Interest” told me about your movie challenge and it sounded fun… I already watch lots of these sorts of films so I thought I might pop in and make a couple of suggestions.Hope these are ones you can use to help your challenge succeed.

    I know a film for you from Cambodia in Khmer language if you need another one, “The Snake King’s Child” a 2001 Cambodian/ Thai co-production. (Does that cover both countries?)

    In Turkish film, there’s an odd little fantasy film that might work. Sifir Dedigimde 2007. Worth a look if you can find it.

    There are load of Hindi films out there, but I’ve always had a soft spot for one called “Makdee” from 2002. It’s originally considered a children’s film, but I like the way the music and story are woven together in a nice complete package. Even better… the complete 90 film is available with subtitles in English on Youtube if you can’t find the DVD.

    Hope these will be of help! 🙂

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  7. Hello Caroline! I see you all the time at Novia’s blog, it’s about time I visit yours 😀 I think I have a few reviews already done on movies from outside the US, I’ll supply those in the next few days. Great blogathon idea!

  8. Caroline, I have an Argentinean entry for your film series over at my blog: Bar “El Chino”, directed by Daniel Burak, 2003. Would you like us to send links to you here or just notify you? Cheers!

      • I have a links page up at my blog now. Unfortunately, the access problems to my blog that you and others have noted seem to be occurring because of Blogger and Internet Explorer difficulties of some sort. I can’t even read my own links or comments on my posts using IE; however, using Firefox works perfectly fine. I hope Blogger addresses the problem, but I guess this is what happens when you use a free service rather than a paid one. Grr…

          • Good to know. By the way, I just tried looking at the comments on Tom’s (Amateur Reader’s) blog, since he has the new threaded comments format also, and I now get the dreaded blank page there using IE but can see everything perfectly using Firefox. A really annoying technical glitch.

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  10. I look forward to following (and contributing something, hopefully). I’ve stuck exclusively to books recently and it would be good to write a bit about films again and Richard’s event and yours provide a good opportunity to broaden our book blogs out!

    • Hi Seamus, glad your are joining us.
      I know quite a few readers who hardly ever watch movies and think it is a pity. There are so many great movies to discover. I’m looking forward to what you will choose.

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  12. Hi Caroline, I’m a blogger buddy of Novia’s. Filmplicity is my blog. I thought I’d take a lead from Ruth and give you links to some world cinema titles I’ve reviewed previously on my blog. Hope that’s ok. Great idea by the way, around the world in 80 films! (give or take). Here are my links: (Japan) (Spain) (UK) (Ireland) (Russia)

    Thanks for this great initiative Caroline! I look forward to reading everyone’s entries. 🙂

    p.s. My wife is from Kazakhstan, so if anyone knows of any Kazakh films, I’d love to read a review of one.

    • Hi Ronan, thanks for the links, that’s great, I’ll add them and will visit to read them as well.
      I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie from Kazhakhstan. That would be interesting.
      I’m glad you like the idea.

    • Hi Ronan! Your comment about Kazakh films made me remember a short film called Butter that I saw a few years ago (unfortunately didn’t review…) during an international film fest. Here’s a link to an article that talks about it (starting about half way down):
      The film (about 23 mins) was quite interesting and funny.

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  25. Wow, this sounds like a cool idea! I’d like to join BUT… we’re already halfway Feb and I have a hard time blogging at the moment. On the other hand… I just started a 6-lesson ‘course’ on Scandinavian Cinema 🙂

    Thanks to Novroz who pointed me in the direction of this challenge! Now I need to decide whether I’ll be able to manage it… If I do, is it still early enough for my participation?

    • Hi Gnoe, thanks for visisting and the interest. We don’t have such fixed rules, in theory you can join any time, even later in the year. There isn’t a need to watch one movie per month either. Scandinavian cinema is fascinating and I do not know enough about it. It would be great if you would share some discoveries.

  26. Ah – love reading other people’s film reviews. I started mine not really knowing what I was doing, still don’t actually.

    You’re missing Denmark which I happen to be stuck in film-wise at the moment:

    However my favourites are –

    Open Hearts(2002):

    In Your Hands (2004):

    Both of which are in the Dogme95 collection of films.

    The Inheritance (2003)
    was really good too and so was Pusher (1996)

    To tell the truth I’ve liked them all but those are my favourites.

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  30. What a great list, and cool concept for a blog. Thanks for putting the Aussie crime drama “Animal Kingdom” on this list … one of my favorite movies of 2010, and classic in Aussie cinema. Speaking of great crime dramas, might I suggest the 2002 Hong Kong film “Infernal Affairs.” It’s the film Martin Scorsese based “The Departed” on.

    • Thanks for visiting and yout kind words, I’m glad you like it. Every suggestion is welcome, thanks’ I’ll have a look. We need more Australian movies but at least we had a great start.

      • Hahaha!! 😉

        Ok then…. I should have the other end of the “good vs, bad” spectrum covered then quite nicely for Australia when I get the chance to do my review for the recently released hopelessly stupid Australian exploitation monster movie “El Monstro De Mar!!” Expect it sometime in the next couple days… 😉

        After all… somebody’s gotta watch all the baaaad movies…. 😉

        After that, I ought to have an Israeli film for my next offering… (I’m soooo hoping it turns out to be a good one… ;))

        • Now that’s not an Australian sounding title… I’m curious to see what you come up with this time. I tried to track down the one or the other of the movies you reviewed but had no luck at all.$
          In any case, you’re a busy little kitty.

      • You’re welcome. I’m a big fan of Aussie cinema (and all things Australian, actually), films like Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert, Romper Stomper (starring a very young Russell Crowe), Walkabout and The Proposition, to name just a few.

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    • Great, thanks. It’s a movie I was planning on watching and reviewing as well. Not sure if quaint is a good or a bad thing in this context. Will have to read your review to find out I guess. 🙂

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  41. I didn’t read the whole list, to be honest, but it’s a really great idea! I just wanted to recommend to you really good movie from Germany. I hope they translated it into english. It is called Goodbye Lenin and is about the life after the wall of berlin fell down. It’s not a documentary!!

    Read about it here:,_Lenin!

    Youtube Trailer:
    It’s a really good movie 😉

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like the idea.
      I have seen Goodbye, Lenin, it is amazing, I agree. Thanks for the links, it may put other’s in the mood to watch it.

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  43. Long time no see – I’ve been through a slight weird movie block, anyway back to watching foreign films. Just seen “In the Mood for Love” which is a Chinese from 2000. I enjoyed it so much I’m going to watch another of the director’s films soon…

    Oh, and it’s good to see Goodbye Lenin mentioned above – I’ve just got that one out to rent as well! I’ve heard lots of good things about it before.

    • Thanks, Fiona. Yes, long time no see indeed. 🙂 I’m in a similar block. In the Mood for Love is one of my top 10 favourite movies. I absolutely love it. I’ve got two of his other movies, should get to them sooner or later.
      Goodbye Lenin is great.

      • I have Happy Together at the moment – so hopefully I’ll review that soon. It sounds particularly interesting and I’ve heard that the cinematography in it is also wonderful.

        • I don’t have that, I have 2046. I watched My Blueberry Nights not too long ago but sadly that didn’t work so well. I’m looking forward to your review.

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    • Hi Ditzunako, I’m glad you made it. I was lookin g forward to your choice.
      Double comments are no problem. Sometimes people want to acces a site via my links, sometimes via the other one.

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  52. Caroline…may I have another Indonesian movie to share here?

    I Have the book review scheduled for tomorrow and just finished watching its movie version which I think good enough to share here.

  53. Whew!! Back again… It’s “Martial Arts mayhem” month over at my lil’ blog and I’ve got a nifty Brazilian Martial Art/ Drama movie called “Besouro” to share this time out. 😉

    Ahhh… and Novia suggested I offer my review of “The Raid” as well, even though she has already done one for you.

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  64. I have run out of ideas for World Cinema and have to resort to Hollywood film and mark it as High priority on my Lovefilm rental list selection! Why didn’t I notice your world cinema series before??!! 🙂

    I have put a few on my rental list now, “When Pig have wings” and “Lemon Tree” sounds wonderful. it is high on my list.

    I watched some great Spanish films last year. May I recommend “Biutiful” and “Even the Rain”, both films have etched in my memory so deep that I remember them still. The recent French film that I didn’t like was despite winning Cannes was “Amour”. Have you watch it? I thought it was a little bizarre at the end… Thank you thank you for this list. I am going to check out the 2013 list now.

    • You’re welcome, Jov.
      Lemon Tree is a really great film.
      I hope you find others that you will like. I need to get back to foreign movies again. I watch mainly German, British and US cinema at the moment.

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