Welcome to German Literature Month X 2020

The first of November is here and it’s finally time for German Literature Month.

As you may know from our intro posts, we have two parallel programs this year. Lizzy is reading literature from all of the German Bundesländer, while I host four author weeks, including a Literature and War readalong of a newly discovered Siegfried Lenz novel – The Turncoat– on November 27.

Week 1 – November 1-7  Sophie von La Roche week

Week 2 – November 8-14 Max Frisch week

Week 3 – November 15-21 Ingeborg Bachmann week

Week 4 – November 22-28 Siegfried Lenz week

Feel free to join us or read as you please. As long as you enjoy yourself.

Here’s the link to our dedicated GERMAN LITERATURE MONTH PAGE – please do add your reviews so we can find and read them.

30 thoughts on “Welcome to German Literature Month X 2020

  1. Darn, am tempted by all of your themed weeks, but have to stick to something more manageable and what I have to hand. I’ve got a review of Marlen Haushofer coming up soon and am in the midst of a reread of Im Westen Nichts Neues, but am thinking of Kafka or Kasebier erobert Berlin next…

  2. I’ll have to see how this month pans out from a work perspective before committing to any specific reading events, particularly as everything is a bit manic at the moment due to the imminent lockdown. Nevertheless, it’s lovely to see GLM happening again this year – I will be cheering you on from the sideliners if nothing else!

    • Maybe you’ll manage to squeeze a novella? It would be lovely to have but completely understand it it’s not possible. Too bad book shops have to close as well. Take care.

  3. I am pondering what to read for this…in my perusing, I found Lenz’ novel, Stella, which is very appealing for the Siegfried Lenz week. I also have Esther Kinsey’s books Grove and River, and Rainald Goetz’s book, Rave. (The later is not pulling at my very hard, for I spent the 90’s taking care of my young son, not visiting clubs and drinking. 😉) As always, thanks for offering this enriching event. xo

    • It’s so nice that you will join. Those are all excellent choices. I used to love Goetz as a teenager. Don’t think I would still get along with him now. He’s controversial. I heard good things of Stella and might read Grove myself.

      • As I consider other choices, authors, I’m not so convinced I’m ready for Goetz right now. There is quite enough “raving” going on in the States as it is, although of a different variety. Trying to stay away from crazy these days.😉

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