Nicci French: Sunday Morning Coming Down (Frieda Klein 7)

Those who know this blog, know how much I like the writer duo Nicci French. The standalone novels as much as the Frieda Klein series. While I don’t think I’ve read any standalone titles that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy, there have been hits and misses in the Frieda Klein series. Because the hits are usually so great, I forgive them their misses and just hope for the best, when I start a new title. Luckily, this seventh instalment is an absolute winner. It’s one of the best of the series. Maybe we get a little less of Frieda Klein herself, but we get a lot of suspense instead.

Book number 6 has ended on a major cliff hanger and, so, book 7 begins where that one ended – Frieda finds a dead body in her house. And now I already don’t know what else to say because everything can potentially spoil one of the earlier books. Tricky. Let’s just say that someone who has played a major role in all of the novels has left the dead man in Frieda’s house as a sign or a warning. Unfortunately, the police aren’t convinced that this person is still alive. This makes it even more difficult for Frieda. Not only has her sacred haven been violated, but the police think she’s a bit nuts. And, on top of that, all of her friends and family are in danger. The police aren’t too keen on letting Frieda help with the investigation. It takes violence and another dead body until she’s involved. While the man who left the dead body in her house is a real threat, it seems as if the person targeting her friends and family could be someone else. Is it a copy cat or an assistant of the other man?

It’s entirely possible that this book works as a standalone, and that readers who aren’t familiar with the series would find it suspenseful. I’m only not sure that they would care as much about the fate of the characters as someone who has read all or most of the novels. Frieda’s family and friends are important in all of the books. Over the course of the series, Frieda has made new friends and the circle of endearing and quirky characters has grown even more. Putting most of them in harm’s way, was a clever decision. I can’t imagine that anyone liking this series will stay cold reading Sunday Morning Coming Down.

I though that this would be the last of the series but Day of the Dead has just been published. It will be the series’ finale, in which Frieda and her nemesis are pitted against each other.


17 thoughts on “Nicci French: Sunday Morning Coming Down (Frieda Klein 7)

  1. Funnily enough, I recommended Nicci French to someone at the weekend as I knew you were a fan of their work. It sounds terrific, very compelling. Maybe someone new to the series would be need to go back to book 6 (or even earlier) to get the most out of this one. Would joining at book 6 work, do you think, or would they be better off starting at the beginning?

    • Hard to tell. I would go back. Also because if you read this one and love it you won’t be able to go back as it spoils the first completely. The first is one of the best. If that person likes it but doesn’t want to read a whole series then they could jump to six.

  2. I’d say go back too, Jacqui. Maybe not the entire series but at least enough to get who Frieda is and what she’s all about. I agree w/ Caroline about reading the first one

  3. I am a stickler for reading series in order so I would start with the first book.

    It is impressive that a writer can keep a series good over six books. I am thinking that you must be looking forward to reading the last.

  4. I read your review and then went to the library where this book was being featured as a staff pick! So, naturally, I had to get it and read it as a stand-alone: very good suspense, a little shaky in the middle, and a big-up finish. I might read the next one, but probably won’t go back to the first book. Have you read Quicksand by Malin Giolito? I thought it was the best crime novel I read last year.

    • So nice to see you Professor Batty and I’m so glad you liked it. Good to know it works as a stand-alone after all. The next one should be interesting. I reviewed them all, it’s easy to see which ones I liked more because there are some duds and most of them drag a little in the middle. Thank you so much for mentioning Quicksand. I hadn’t heard of it. I hope I can get it.

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