Announcing German Literature Month XI

German Literature Month is back, this year rolling into its second decade with a new style badge, featuring the glories of Stuttgart City Library. (Link to: ) I think you’ll agree, it is an aspirational building, with bookshelves and reading sofas to die for!   It serves as a reminder to start seeking out the literary treasures, originally written in German, on your shelves, prepare your comfortable reading nook and discover some great reads during the month of November.

What are we planning this year?  Like last year, there will be two parallel programs.

I will be focusing on books set during the run-up to WWII, the war itself and its aftermath, including historical fiction set during that period. 

Lizzy offers a tour of German-speaking countries and more besides. All timescales, genres and destinations are valid choices  provided the work was originally written in German.

Week 1 November 1-7  From or set in Austria

Week 2 November 8-14 From or set in Germany

Week 3 November 15-21 From or set in Switzerland featuring Dürrenmatt Day on 18.11.2021 to commemorate his centenary

November 22-28 Elsewhere

November 29-30 Here, There, Anywhere

In addition, there are a couple of readalongs.

11.11.2021 Inventory of Losses – Judith Schalansky (hosted by Lizzy)

26.11.2021 The Passenger – Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz (A Literature and War readalong hosted by Caroline)

As always you may take up some or all of our reading prompts or do you own thing entirely. Whatever you do, have fun. (That’s an order. 😉)

40 thoughts on “Announcing German Literature Month XI

  1. Hi Caroline! I am glad German Literature Month is back. A few years ago, I participated and read Hans Fallada’s ‘Alone in Berlin’. This time, I would like to read ‘The Passenger’. I can see that the paperback is affordable. I would like to read ‘Inventory of Losses’ too, but I can’t find a copy. I will keep looking out. For sure, I will read ‘The Passenger’, though. Thank you for hosting! 🙂

    PS: I am sending a lot of love to Max and Isis.

    • I’m so glad that you will join. I was wondering what happened after your second Twitter disappearance. I hope you’re well. I had another readalong title but then I saw this and couldn’t let it pass. I still need to read that Fallada. Max and Isis say hello to you and Anu Boo.

  2. This is so wonderful, Caroline! Thanks so much for hosting GLM with Lizzy! This is one of my favourite reading events of the year and I can’t wait! It is so amazing that GLM is stepping into its second decade now! Time just flies! It is also so cool that this is Dürrenmatt’s centenary! Hoping to read a Dürrenmatt or two 😊 So excited for November to arrive!

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    • That is wonderful news. My reading is like yours but I still chose two chunksters. Hopefully I’ll manage. And my readalong title and some Dürrenmatt maybe. Thank you about the badge. It was entirely Lizzy’s idea and doing. I like it too.

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