Welcome to German Literature Month XI

The second decade has begun! 

To those who have been with Lizzy and me in previous years, good to see you again. For those new to this month of sheer indulgence in all things German(-language) literature, welcome.  As always, there is just one rule and that is:

You may read anything you want, in any language you want, as long as your material was originally written in German.

Reviews and features on any platform are welcome. Adding them to the linky over at germanlitmonth.blogspot.com lets everyone see what is going on and directs more readers to your review. Please use the hashtag #germanlitmonth when publicising the event or reviews on social media.

Don’t know what to read? Check out the author indices from previous years on germanlitmonth.blogspot.com for a wealth of ideas, or you can follow some or, if you’re feeling adventurous, all of the prompts for this year’s programme detailed in this year’s announcement post.

The main thing to remember is that German Literature Month is neither a competition, nor a challenge. It is an opportunity to enjoy some great literature within a community of fabulous readers and reviewers. 

Let the reading begin!

24 thoughts on “Welcome to German Literature Month XI

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  13. Aargh, November passed me by completely, Caroline. I don’t think I have time to read and blog about anything now, so I’ll have to watch from the sidelines and come back to take part again next year!

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