The Temptation of “A Post a Day in May”

I’m not sure when I first came across someone doing “A Post a Day in May” or a “Vlog a Day in May” or, the latest addition “A Pod a Day in May”. I’m sure there are other variations. It’s become a part of the year of many content creators, be they book or other bloggers, YouTubers or Podcasters.

I followed some of these “events” with a mix of awe and fascination. Those that I liked best were the themed ones like Madame Bibi Lophile’s “A Novella a Day in May”. I’ve enjoyed her posts for a few years now and always thought I’d love to join her. Reading and reviewing a novella a day seemed not only appealing but feasible. Some years even a novel a day might have been an option.

At the beginning of the year, I decided, 2020 would be the year I would join Mme Bibi. That was before the awfulness happened. Some days, I’m sure, I could still read and review a novella, but more often than not, I would have to stick to a short story or a poem a day. Now there’s a thought, I said to myself, why not just leave it open. Read and review a novella whenever it’s possible, and when not, I can just post on something else, a poem, a painting, a song. Coffee table books, Cookbooks, Children’s books. There’s so much I could write about. And it doesn’t have to include the madness that’s going on in the world. I can write about anything that I’m enjoying or find fascinating these days. So, don’t worry, there won’t be any posts in which I wonder how it came to this – not only that the president of the US is stupid enough to think injecting bleach might be a cure, but that he is allowed to say so on TV without being openly contradicted. Argh. No, there won’t be posts like that, but I had to mention it once.

I’m not sure how long I will be able to do this for, but I won’t beat myself up if I give up early. I hope I can do a post a day, if not, then that’s OK too. It would be great though. I’ve missed blogging and this might be just the thing to get me back into it.

I hope you’re May has started well. If you’re doing something like this, please leave a comment and a link, so we can visit each other.

Happy reading and blogging, everyone and cheer up – things will not stay like this forever.

28 thoughts on “The Temptation of “A Post a Day in May”

  1. I’ll look forward to seeing your posts Caroline! I’m sure you’ll give me some great novella recommendations when you cover those, but the variety of what you’re doing sounds wonderful.

  2. I won’t be able to manage a post per day, but have been posting more non-literary pieces lately to chronicle what’s going on during this lockdown in the UK. So I’ll keep an eye on your blog and any links to others: good luck with your venture.

    • Thank you so much. I’ll have to visit your blog. I haven’t visited much lately. It will be interesting to see how you experience this. We’re pretty much out of lockdown. Not everything is open yet but by May 11 it’s over.

      • Thanks for dropping by my place so promptly. I’ve just posted my first of May piece – can’t commit to daily ones henceforth, but will see what I can do. Our son in Spain has been in fierce lockdown for weeks – children under 14 allowed out for a walk for the first time last weekend. Here in the UK we still have no exit strategy.

        • You’re welcome. I just commented on your new post too. Let’s see hw this posting goes.
          I don’t envy your son. Our lockdown here in Switzerland was way less restrictive than the UK even. We could basically go for walks for as long or far or often as we wanted. In company of two or three from outside the family but keeping distance. My partner is stuck in the UK. He could somehow come back but crossing France by car seemed too daunting until now.

  3. Good luck! That’s a lovely idea and I’ll look forward to your posts! I find doing a week’s worth for one our clubs enough of a challenge so I’m impressed by anyone being able to do a month of them!

    • Thank you. I hope I’ll manage because it would also cheer me up to (re)discover all sorts of mostly bookish things. An event like your club is more challenging in my opinion as you try to read longer books.

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  5. It’s lovely to see you back again. I’ve been wondering how you were doing in the current climate, so it’s a relief to see the return of posts here. And I like the idea of you keeping an open mind on the subjects for your posts during May. As you say, there’s no need to impose strict rules on yourself – we’ve got enough restrictions to deal with elsewhere – just make it whatever you want it to be day by day.

    • Thank you, Jacqui. I’m not too bad mentally but my pain flared up again which made reading (holding a book) and writing very hard. It’s much better again. A part of it seems also stress related. If things stay this way, I might be able to post regularly.
      Our restrictions are about to end shortly but I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m afraid it might be too soon but economically it’s necessary to reopen. Phew. What times.

  6. I am happy to see you up with a blog post. I myself have been so busy and do not post nearly as much as I would like to. I could not imagine posting every single day.

    These are strange times. Hopefully this time next year things will be looking up a bit.

    • Thank you, Brian. I could blog last month at all also didn’t visit much. I bookmarked a few of your posts and hope to get to them. I really hope I can manage my project.
      I do hope that things will be better.

  7. For purely selfish reasons, I hope you stick to the plan and review a novella a day. 🙂

    I enjoy novellas too but I’ve also been collecting novella reading recommendations for a friend who is a doctor and has four children under 12 years old. She loves to read but doesn’t have a lot of time. She’s enjoyed the novella lists I’ve provided so far because she has the pleasure to finish these books and not have them sit on the nightstand for too long.

    I’ve started a new list based on Madame Bibi Lophile’s reviews and if you stick to your plan, your reviews will nicely add to my list. See it as a way to support medical staff? 🙂

    • I already know I won’t be able to review a novella a day but I want to post daily. That’s the main goal and, hopefully several of these post will be contributions to your lists.
      I can imagine how hard it is for your friend to carve out time for longer books. A demanding job plus four small children. Wow. I hope I’ll be able to help a bit. 🙂

  8. So glad to see you back blogging, Caroline! Missed your posts 😊 Looking forward to following your posts throughout May. Happy reading and writing!

  9. Caroline, this is the sort of content which brings me back to the Internet. And it’s more needed than ever. Like ‘The Book of Delights’, May is going to be the ‘Month of Delights’ for me, for I am going to read your posts. Thank you for doing this!

  10. I did a similar thing in April with an A-Z of blogging challenge. It was a mammoth task and took up so much of my time that I hardly had the chance to visit any other blogs – hence why I am so late in catching up with your plan. I can see it’s going well and you are keeping up. Are you enjoying it??

    • I was largely absent in April, so totally missed your project. I’ll have to have a look.
      It is going better than I thought it would and I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for asking.

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