What’s Going on Here? or Life On the Freshly Pressed Lane

This is the cloister garden of the Cathedral of the town in which I live. I love to go for a walk around the garden. The symmetry is soothing. It’s one of the reasons why I love Gothic Cathedrals. Usually there are not many people here. The odd tourist but that’s all. It’s quiet and relaxing. The perfect place for introspection. And introspection is what I needed after the excitement of being freshly pressed. Especially since I didn’t check my e-mail and had no clue I had been chosen. When I logged on on yesterday I could hardly believe my eyes when I noticed 3000 views on one post, almost 200 likes, hundreds of comments, 70 new subscribers… Amazing. And for someone like me who answers every comment quite a challenge too. But I’m not moaning. I enjoyed it.

What can I say? Thank you. Thank you for  the “freshly pressed” experience. Thank you for your thoughtful, interesting, funny and engaging comments. I met great people thanks to this, I read about some very interesting ways of choosing a book and, of course, I also gathered a lot of reading suggestions.

I must honestly say I would never have thought that I would enjoy it this much. I can only repeat myself and thank you once more.

Thank you for your interest, for sharing your thoughts and for your kind words.

Hmmm… By the way, does anyone know, can you get freshly pressed more than once?

49 thoughts on “What’s Going on Here? or Life On the Freshly Pressed Lane

  1. It’s my understanding (unless I’ve got it wrong) that you can be freshly pressed more than once. As far as I’ve read, the website “Truth and Cake” was. But check with its blogger Rian to be sure. Sorry, I don’t know the link from memory, but I think a Google search will turn it up.

  2. Thank God I didn’t subscribe to comments on that particular post. 🙂
    I’m happy for you, you deserve the fame, your blog is great and eclectic.

  3. congrats on being Freshly Pressed. An essay I posted last week was selected for FP, and I was not prepared for the reaction. 100 new subscribers to my blog, hundreds of emails and comments (all of which I feel compelled to reply to), thousand of views … it’s all been fairly overwhelming. Like you, I’m not complaining because it’s a real thrill and a honor to have been selected.

    • Thanks Stephen. I missed your post I don’t read FP that regularly. If, like me, you didn’t check your e-mail it must have been overwhelming.
      But it’s nice. I have no clue how I managed to answer all the comments.

  4. Wow–I have no idea what being ‘freshly pressed’ means (well, except from the number of comments on your post!), but that’s prettty amazing. I think that’s about how many comments I get in a year! 😉 Anyway–very cool and conrats–it was a very fun post to read and respond to!

    • Thanks Danielle. WordPress chooses daily ten or 15 (not sure) blog posts out of 1 600 000 and the are advertised on the main page as especially worth reading. 🙂
      I’ve seen it happen to others but the response isn’t awlays as good. It depends on the subject. People did relate to this subject. There are many book lovers out there. 🙂

  5. Congrats! We were freshly pressed for the first time last week, and we also had a record number of visits to our blog and a bunch of new subscribers. It was pretty neat to see the numbers shoot up–and since it was one of Jenny’s posts that was featured, I didn’t have to respond to all the comments but only had to enjoy watching the conversation 🙂

    • Thank you Teresa. I missed that.
      Answering the comments is a bit challenging. I wonder how many of the new subscribers will stay subscribers? Whatever. It was fun and I discovered some great new bloggers too.

  6. Congratulations Caroline! Your Blog certainly deserves the attention. I subscribed to the comments on that post and said to myself…Wow..that was some popular topic!

  7. I know some blogs that have been more than once. I remember when I was freshly pressed. I was so new to the blogging world I didn’t even know what it was. I was at work when it happened and then I came home and my in box was flooded. It was fun and I met some really cool bloggers. Congrats and I’m glad you enjoyed the experience. You deserve it! I always enjoy your blog and your passion for reading. And you’ve given me so many great tip!!!!! I would love to visit that Cathedral. Thanks for sharing the photo. I’m always looking for new places to visit 🙂

    • Thanks, TBM, you are so nice.
      I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much and I didn’t see the e-mail so I was quite unprepared.
      I’m cheeky, just been freshly pressed and aleady want to know if it could happen again. 🙂

        • You too!
          Btw I cannot remember which post you were being freshly pressed for. Wasn’t it a photo?
          I remember when Carole was. I was totally awed. I had just started blogging and following her.

          • I wrote about my visit to the Mark Twain house. It was something I put together quickly. If I had known I probably would have spent more time on it. Oh well. I did meet some really nice people.

            • Weird. I don’t remember that at all. Maybe I didn’t even see it. Although I think I’m keeping track of your posts. The thing is, the freshly pressed can go up much later that you post it so your regular visitor do not notice it.

              • I don’t think we met yet. We starting visiting each other’s blogs during the Dune reading if I remember correctly, and the post was already pressed a few months earlier. At the time, I only had a few visitors and I really didn’t know what I was doing. Not sure that I know what I’m doing now, but I’ve learned that’s okay. Now I just have fun and I enjoy getting to know others.

                • I think we “met” during Carl’s Once Upon a Time Challenege but I was probably only reading your book reviews. I just checked it must have been right before that you were featured.

                  • It was during Once Upon a Time. Grace introduced me to that and I’m so thankful. I met all of you wonderful bloggers via that challenge. I think that and RIP will be the challenges I keep next year. not sure about the others. I’m hoping my library will have more of your war books. In Berlin I saw a cross that was made from nails from Coventry. I haven’t posted the photo yet. I’m so behind in my postings from my trip. But Olympic fever took me away.

                    • And funny enough, I introduced her to it. It’s geat.
                      They are wonderful events but I wasn’t very successful with Once Upon a Time. R.I.P. is coming soon.

  8. This is wonderful, Caroline! Congratulations! It is also so awesome that you replied to all the comments. You normally do that all the time and that is one of the things that your readers love about you, but yesterday must have been quite challenging.

    • Thanks, Vishy. It was but I was so curious to read all the comments and then, of course, I replied.
      Addiotionally it was just a day during which I wasn’t working much. It was juts the right moment. 🙂

      • That’s what I like about you, always replying. I think that’s a way to create good conversation. I always check your reply and decide later either to say something more or not.

        I also reply all even though i know he commenter will not come back again 😉

        • I like it when someone answers and I always go back when I left a comment. I don’t always comment several times.
          You and Vishy, and I think most of the blogs I follow regularly do it. Maybe a reason why I follow you guys. 😉 As I said somehwere else, it’s as much about the person behind the blog as about the topic they write about and the way they write. And the best bit is often the conversation in the comments.

  9. wow…congratulation Caroline 🙂 well deserved. As i have said before, i always enjoy reading your review even though I know I can’t find the book or I will not like the book myself. I know you will get pressed again.

    I never see Freshly pressed myself, I go straight to my dashboard 😉

  10. Oh, congrats, Caroline! You so deserve it. I’ve only gotten it once, but I know a writer who’s been “freshly pressed” three times.

    Wait, you taught yourself English? I would love to read about that!

  11. I enjoyed watching the madness from a safe distance! And I echo the comments that more people deserve to benefit from your eclectic taste and thoughtful writing, Caroline. So congrats on the selection.

    I’m really struck by the colour of the stone in your picture. Really beautiful.

    • Thank you so much, leroy, that’s nice of you to say.
      It’s a beautiful color, isn’t it? I think Gothic Cathedrals in red sandstone are far less frequent than the grey ones.

  12. OMG, I didn’t notice you were freshly pressed as I never look at the site. I remember Judith once was and she was totally overwhelmed, too. Congrats on the award! You are on a roll right now! 🙂

  13. Congratulations, Caroline! That’s so wonderful and richly deserved. I don’t think I’ll add a comment to your hundreds, just to save you the bother of answering it! But I’ll say here that choosing my next book is a very random and unscientific process. Anyway, here’s to many more appearances on freshly pressed! 🙂

    • Thanks, Litlove. It was a very nice surprise and an amazing discussion. Some answers were so interesting and I’ve discovered a few great blogs.
      Hopefully next time I’ve checked my e-mails first. 🙂

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