Thank you for the Liebster Award

First a big thank you to Janet Allen (Popcorn Dinner) for my nomination. We only just “met” and I already receive an award. That’s so nice.

Yes, I know, I don’t always accept awards, or let’s say, I do accept them but then I don’t play by the rules, meaning I don’t post about them let alone pass them on. But this time I do as I still feel “post-freshly pressed festive”. However I amended it a bit and only give it to 7 other bloggers. Addotionally I thought that for a change I will give the award not to pure book bloggers but to people who love reading and also blog about other things.

For those who will receive my award and would like to play by the rules here you go

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves (I skipped this)
2. Answer the eleven questions the person giving the award has set for you
3. Create eleven questions for the people you will be giving the award to
4. Choose eleven people to award and send them a link to your post
5. Go to their page and tell them
6. No tag backs

Now on to Janet’s questions

1. What is your favourite movie of all time? (yep, only one)

I’m almost as interested in movies as in books, despite that fact it’s surprisingly easy for me to name my favourite movie. It’s Peter Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock. When I saw it for the first time I was about 14 and since then I have re-watched it at least 5 times. Every time I watched it I liked it more. Be careful however, if you’d like to watch it and haven’t seen it before, the Director’s Cut is shorter and lacks a few important scenes.

2. Where is your favourite city?

This is difficult. Hmmm. It shouldn’t be, right? You would all assume I would say: in France. But I’m not sure it really is my very favourite city. No, I think my favourite city is in England. And it is not London. (The way Janet asked this question it’s almost a bit like a quiz. Can you guess my favourite city?)

3. How old were you when you realized there was no Santa Clause and did it matter to you?

I think I was 9 and the discovery was a huge shock but not because I found out that there is no Santa Claus but because I found out my mother was a bad cheater. The story is quite funny  but at the time I did NOT think that at all. Every year me and my mother’s best friend’s son and the whole family gathered in the living room on the 6th of December. Invariably the doorbell would ring and Santa Claus would come in and look really scary. He would then take out a huge book and read every bad thing the both of us had done during the year. It was awful. He knew it all. Every single thing we had done. After that lecture we had to recite a poem (I still have a terrific memory) and would afterwards be forgiven and receive some presents and a warning. He told us that if we didn’t behave better next year, he would come and get us, put us in his bag and take us to God knows where Santa Claus lives. The year when I turned 9 my mother accidentally lost a piece of paper which I found and on it – to my utter shock – I saw a list of all of my and my friend’s misgivings which were meant to be passed on to Santa Claus. Santa Claus, it turned out,  was a neighbour especially hired for the occasion. I was mortified. That was the end of Santa Claus. The Easter Bunny died on the very same day. And my belief in motherly reliability.

4. If you won an Oscar, what would it be for?

I think I could receive it for several things. The script, the score, acting, most probably the script though.

5. What three famous people (living or dead) would you invite to a dinner party?

C.G. Jung, Mircea Eliade and Neil Gaiman. Yeah, I know, it’s not obvious but, believe me, there actually is a connection.

6. If you had 10 minutes alone with your country’s political leader what would you say?

I think that could be a one minute thing. I’d say: “Didn’t you find anything more useful to do with your time?”

7. What’s the hottest (temperature-wise) you’ve ever been?

The desert in Morocco. When I got out of the car I had the ingenious idea of picking up a stone because I wanted to take something back home. It actually  burned my fingers. Heat like that is hard to imagine if you’ve never experienced it.

8. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Be invisible.

9. Have you ever had a surprise birthday party?

No. My friends know me very well. That’s not something I would enjoy.

10. What was the first movie you ever saw in the theater?

It was a Sunday afternoon Disney Special but I cannot remember which one it was. I think it was Bambi.

11. What is your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?

Lying in bed, under the roof, listening to the rain and read.

So finally here are my 7 nomenees

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Now comes the last part, my 11 questions. Just answer those you like.

1. Which is your favourite painting or photograph? (Add it or link to it)

2. If you could stay in another city for a year, which one would it be?

3. Which language would you like to speak and why?

4. Which is your favourite book cover?

5. What craft would you like to be great at?

6. Which is your favourite dish. Recipe included!

7. If you could design a garden what would it look like?

8. Which is your favourite song or piece of music? It can be one you just like at the moment or one you always loved.

9. If you could wake up in a movie (or book)  – which one and why?

10. What is your favourite piece of clothing or accessory?

11. What book are you reading at the moment?


That’s it from festive me, as of tomorrow, there will be business as ususal,  book reviews and book related topics, the odd movie review and…