What’s Going on Here? or Life On the Freshly Pressed Lane

This is the cloister garden of the Cathedral of the town in which I live. I love to go for a walk around the garden. The symmetry is soothing. It’s one of the reasons why I love Gothic Cathedrals. Usually there are not many people here. The odd tourist but that’s all. It’s quiet and relaxing. The perfect place for introspection. And introspection is what I needed after the excitement of being freshly pressed. Especially since I didn’t check my e-mail and had no clue I had been chosen. When I logged on on yesterday I could hardly believe my eyes when I noticed 3000 views on one post, almost 200 likes, hundreds of comments, 70 new subscribers… Amazing. And for someone like me who answers every comment quite a challenge too. But I’m not moaning. I enjoyed it.

What can I say? Thank you. Thank you for  the “freshly pressed” experience. Thank you for your thoughtful, interesting, funny and engaging comments. I met great people thanks to this, I read about some very interesting ways of choosing a book and, of course, I also gathered a lot of reading suggestions.

I must honestly say I would never have thought that I would enjoy it this much. I can only repeat myself and thank you once more.

Thank you for your interest, for sharing your thoughts and for your kind words.

Hmmm… By the way, does anyone know, can you get freshly pressed more than once?