Once Upon A Time Challenge

No matter what I said about challenges at the beginning of the year, forget it. Of course I’m joining the Once Upon A Time Challenge. I loved last year’s R.I.P. hosted by Carl and this is the lighter springtime side to R.I.P’s autumnal darkness. And I love fairy tales, folklore, fantasy and mythology.

There are different levels in the Once Upon A Time Challenge, please go there and find out all about it.

I decided to sign up for the Journey which leaves everything open from reading only one book to as many as I want, fiction and nonfiction.

I’m just about to finish a few fairy tale retellings, so this is timely in any case. I have a few ideas for other books I might read but I’m not sure it’s wise to tell it yet as I have seen in the last few weeks a few projects being left behind due to time constraints. The only book I am sure to review is Red Riding Hood and a few other retellings of the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale.

25 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time Challenge

  1. The Once Upon a Time Challenge was one of the first challenges I ever joined, oh so many years ago. I can’t imagine blogging without it. I love RIP too. Actually maybe more, since I love RIP type books. Can’t wait to read your reviews!

    • Thanks for visiting, Stephanie. I started blogging last year in August and the RIP was my first challenge. It was such great experience. The RIP books are a little bit more along my line as well but I really love those for this challenge too. I am very curious to see what books you will choose.

    • I think it will be great. Don’t you have any Fantasy? Fantasy Manga? Japanese fairytales would be interesting. I saw something recently about a Fox woman fairytale that sounded very good.

  2. So glad you are joining in! This is one of my favorite events, even if I don’t read as many books as I plan to. The Japanese fox/woman tale is “Fox Woman” by Kij Johnson. It is wonderful.

    • Thanks, Gavin, I’m really looking forward to it. I didn’t say what I was going to read as I know very well I cannot achieve it. I’ll be ckecking in on your posts. Thanks for the title, that was what I was looking for. I think Novroz can find it in the Japanese library and wouldn’t have to buy it. The review I read, I think on Susan Hated Literature was very appealing.

      • There are a lot of Japanese fairytale that I have read. Most are made for children.

        There is a big chance I will join afterall 😉

        Can Hunchback be considered as fairytale or fantasy?

        • Yes, I’m sure you can find something along that line. Or Indonesian fairytales?
          No, I’m afraid The Hunchback of Notre Dame isn’t fantasy, it’s historical fiction.

  3. Well I’ll read your blog, but I won’t be participating as the genres don’t appeal. I think I prefer reality in all its various bleak and sick forms.

    Best of luck

    • Who knows, maybe I will manage to tempt you with one or the other book? Guess not. When it comes to genre I do like crime but I also love fantasy in all of its shades, but I’m not a science fiction fan at all. I realised that a lot of what I like in classics, can be found in fantasy as well. I like the pre-industrialized settings. Descriptions of nature. But of course also all sorts of supernatural things which probably get you running.

  4. Will see, maybe I can borrow something from my friend. I am planning to write one of Indonesian Fairy tales (more like folk lore) next month, but I don’t think that counts

  5. Thank you so much for joining in!!! Looking forward to seeing what you read. There is at least one fairy tale retelling of Little Red Riding Hood in Angela Carter’s collection, The Bloody Chamber, that is very good. If you haven’t read the collection, I highly recommend it.

    • Thank you for organizing it! I loved the R.I.P. I’m sure I will love this as well and am looking forward to the posts.
      Angela Carter’s collection is one of my most cherished reading experiences. It’s incredible.

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  7. I always have so many of my own reading plans that I don’t like to join in challenges, but I do make an exception for Carl’s! Still not sure what I’m reading, but like you am leaving it all open ended and seeing where my book choices take me.

    • I like it when there is one level that leaves everything open. Otherwise I wouldn’t join. Plus the challenge needs to be close to what I would read anyway. Carl is a great host and I loved the RIP. I could have compiled quite a list and since people love lists I should maybe have done so but I know I never stick to it…

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