Muriel Spark E-Book Giveaway – The Hothouse by the East River

The poll has decided and the second e-book I’m giving away courtesy of Open Road Media is Muriel Sparks The Hothouse by the East River.

This book is one of eight of Muriel Spark’s novels that have just been released.

Here is what is said about the book

Touched by madness and haunted by a secret past, Paul and Elsa’s relationship reveals that there can be no normality for people who witnessed the worst of war

In 1970s New York, Paul and Elsa are like many other well-off middle-aged couples, worrying over their apartment and psychoanalyst bills by day, and meeting friends at restaurants by night. But this is not an ordinary couple with ordinary neuroses, as becomes clear when Paul convinces himself that Elsa’s shadow always points in the wrong direction. As Paul and Elsa’s involvement in World War II espionage begins to surface, the glitz and glamor of their lives is revealed to be nothing more than illusion.

The Hothouse by the East River is a delirious satire of superficial urban life in the shadow of one of modern history’s great horrors.

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Muriel Spark including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the author’s archive at the National Library of Scotland.


If you win this giveaway you are still in time to join Muriel Spark week, hosted by Simon (Stuck in A Book) and Harriet (Harriet Devine’s Blog), which is taking place from April 23 – 29


If you would like to win this e-book, just leave a comment. The giveaway  winner will be announced next Tuesday, April 10 2012.

Muriel Spark E-Book Giveaway Winner and Poll


It’s time to announce the giveaway winner of the e-book The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark courtesy of Open Road Integrated Media.

I drew the winner via list generator.

The book goes to Marcus (Cinesprit).

Happy Reading Marcus!


The poll which I added to the last post is now at the bottom of this one.

You can still vote until the next giveaway will be announced.

Muriel Spark E-Book Giveaway and Readalong Plans for April and May

With my own Literature and War Readalong and Carl’s Once Upon a Time Challenge which has just started, April and May look like busy months but in a very good way. Since I’m quite excited about some of the events I wanted to share them with you. There are some great readalongs taking place and it would be nice if the one or the other reading this would join as well.

April Reading Along with Beauty is a Sleeping Cat

The first readalong is Frank Delaney’s Ireland which im going to read together with Mel u from The Reading Life. The choice is inspired by his Irish Short Story Month. We will read and post on it either in week 2 or 3, in April. Should you want to join us, please leave a comment on my or Mel’s blog.

Emma from Book Around the Corner is hosting a yearlong book club and I’m going to join for the next book which is Tracy Chevalier’s Remarkable Creatures. The readalong takes place on Thursday, April 26.

In May I’m going to join Bettina (Liburuak) for a readalong of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple. The readalong takes place on May 31st. Details will be announced on Bettina’s blog, beginning of May.


As you know, Muriel Spark week, hosted by Simon (Stuck in A Book) and Harriet (Harriet Devine’s Blog) is going to take place from April 23 – 29.

Open Road Integrated Media has just released eight of Muriel Spark’s novels and I’m very glad that I have the opportunity to give away two e-books.

The first e-book I’m giving away is the famous The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. It’s a book I personally liked a lot.

If you would like to win this e-book, just leave a comment. The giveaway  winner will be announced next Tuesday, April 3 2012.

As I said before, Open Road Media offers two e-books. Which one will be the second book is up to you, that’s why I included a poll. Please vote for the second book you would like to be given away.

Please don’t click the category “other”. I couldn’t get rid of it but it doesn’t exist.

The book with the highest poll result will be given away next week.

The poll has been moved and can be found here

The Winners of the Giveaway of The Sorrows of Young Werther

Thanks to Music Box Films two people will soon be able to read The Sorrows of Young Werther, Goethe’s famous first novel.

The movie Young Goethe in Love,that has just been released by Music Box Films and can be watched in cinemas in the US right now, is based on the novel and Goethe’s own story.

The winners of our giveaway are

Michelle from booksandboston and

Professor Batty from Flippism is the Key

Happy reading to both of you!

Please send me your address via beautyisasleepingcat at gmail dot com

Last Hurrah – Wednesdays are Wunderbar – US Only Giveaway of The Sorrows of Young Werther

Although German Literature Month is over, Wednesdays are Wunderbar has a last installment. During German Literature Month we were contacted by Music Box Films to make us aware of the German movie Young Goethe in Love which is currently shown in US theaters. The movie is based on Goethe’s early years and his first novel The Sorrows of Young Werther.

You can find the details for the movie here Young Goethe in Love.

To get you in the mood for the film, we are able to give away three copies of Goethe’s famous heartbreaking novel in the Vintage Classics Edition, courtesy of Music Box Films.

A major work of German romanticism in a translation that is acknowledged as the definitive English language version. The Vintage Classics edition also includes NOVELLA, Goethe’s poetic vision of an idyllic pastoral society.

If you would like to win one of the books, please levae a comment on this or Lizzy’s blog. Lizzy and I will collect all the entrants on both of our blogs and then draw the winners.

The giveaway is US only. The winners will be announced on Sunday 11 December – 18.00 European time.

German Literature Month – November 2011

Finally I am allowed to let you know what Lizzy and I have been planning in the background for quite a while now.

I’m happy to announce that Lizzy Siddal from Lizzy’s Literary Life and I are co-hosting a German Literature Month in November.  Ever since Iris from Iris on Books hosted her Month of Dutch Literature it’s been on our minds to do something similar for the literature of the German-speaking countries. We both share a passion for the literature of Austria, Germany and Switzerland and hope to find many like-minded and interested people to join us.

We have prepared a programme, including two readalongs and a lot of giveaways that generous publishers like Melville House, Bitter Lemon Press, Pereine Press, And Other Stories, Portobello Books and One World Classics have kindly contributed. The giveaways are international with the exception of a few which are UK only.

The official kick off will be on November first,  from then on we will post on alternating days. Lizzy will post on Tuesdays and Fridays, I will post on Mondays and Thursdays. Wednesdays, starting already in October, are reserved for giveaways. The readalongs will take place on Saturdays. Sunday will be weekly wrap up day and the time for announcing the winners of the giveaways.

The first readalong is dedicated to  Effi Briest. It will run for three weeks. Details and exact dates are given below.

The second readalong is my monthly Literature and War Readalong that I will shift to Saturday and I have also changed the previoulsy announced title. We will read Heinrich Böll’s The Silent Angel. This book is unique for reasons that I will reveal in a later post. On a more personal note it is important to me as Böll is my favourite German author.

The programme will look as follows

Week 1 German Literature

Maybe you like Thomas Mann or you are a fan of Genazino. Now’s the time to share this.

Week 2 Crime Fiction

There are a lot of crime novels written in German out there. Whether you like it gritty or rather go for psychological suspense, you are sure to find something.

Week 3 Austria and Switzerland 

You could either read some of the 19th century Swiss classics like Gotthelf, Keller or Meyer or finally read the Roths and Zweigs you have had on your TBR pile for years.

Week 4 Kleist and Other German Classics

Kleist died 200 years ago. We are going to read some of his novellas and give away some of his books but we will also read other classics.

Week 5 Read As You Please and Wrap Up

Wrap up week is a chance to read and review whatever you like. I’ll go for something that hasn’t been translated yet.

Three Week Readalong on Saturdays  (5th chapters 1-15, 12th chapters 16 – 24 and 19th chapters 25 – 36, 280 pages)

Literature and War Readalong 2011 on Saturday 26th November

The Silent Angel (184 pages)


These are some of the possible titles for the giveaways. The exact titles will be announced on the giveaway days.

We will post a few times in the upcoming weeks sharing reading suggestions, as we hope that many of you will read and review with us.

The idea is that you link your posts in the comment sections of our posts. The Sunday will be wrap up day in which we will give an overview of everything that has happened through the week.

Get your copies out, enter the giveaways, or buy a few books and join us.

Feel free to use the button and spread the word.

I’m looking forward to November.

Visit the German Literature Month Page for regular updates.

Winners of the Giveaway of Jenn Ashworth’s Cold Light

As promised, I am announcing the winners of the giveaway today. I have used random. org’s list generator.

The two copies go to

Litlove from Tales from the Reading Room


Amy from The House of the Seven Tails


I will contact you per e-mail or you can send me your address via e-mail.

I have read my copy already and will be posting on it soon.