German Literature Month Giveaway – A Long Blue Monday by Erhard von Büren

I’ve got a special treat for you this week. I’m giving away one copy of Erhard von Büren’s lovely novel A Long Blue Monday.

The novel portrays, with dry humour, delicate irony and a touch of nostalgia, the lives and feelings of young people in the late 1950s.

“Erhard von Büren pours out memories of love affairs, of family life, of student experiences or incidents from his readings… His style is spiced with waywardness and wit.” – Award of the Canton Solothurn Prize for Literature.

In A Long Blue Monday, the narrator, who is temporarily away from home working on a book about Sherwood Anderson, remembers his unrequited love affair with Claudia, whom he met at college during rehearsals for a play.

How could he, the village lad, the son of a working-class family, aspire to gain the affection of Claudia, a sophisticated town girl, who lives with her wealthy family in a spacious house by the river? Worlds seem to separate the two. But he is convinced that where there’s a will there’s a way. As a young boy, he had tried, by being a model pupil and a model son, to repair his family’s damaged reputation. But now, in spite of all his attempts, his love remains unreciprocated. Finally he decides to take several weeks off college to write a play – a trilogy, no less – to gain Claudia’s esteem.


A Long Blue Monday  is also the readalong title during Swiss Literature week. The discussion takes place on November 28.

If you would like to win a copy, leave a comment below, telling me why you’d like to read it.

The giveaway is open internationally. The winner will be announced on Sunday November 11 2018, around 18:00 Central European time.


Thanks to Erhard von Büren and Helen Wallimann, who translated the book, for offering a copy.

24 thoughts on “German Literature Month Giveaway – A Long Blue Monday by Erhard von Büren

  1. This does sound very good – as Andrew says above, a contemplative and reflective read. I’m going to pass on the chance to enter the giveaway, if you don’t mind – mainly because I’m trying really hard to carry on with the progress I’ve made this year in reducing the size of my TBR. (I still have books on my shelves from 8-10 years ago, maybe even longer.) It’s a lovely giveaway, though – thank you for posting about it. 🙂

    • I totally get it. I used to enter so many giveaways and often won, some of the titles are still on my piles unread and I feel very bad. Plus the large piles I own anyway. That’s why, mostly, I let others get a chance now.

  2. Sounds lkke a good read. I like the fact that the character is writing a book on Sherwood Anderson who is one of my favourite authors. Is it straight realism?

  3. I’m very interested! He’s from Solothurn: my parents grew up there and nearby and I lived there for a while myself. And yet I have never heard of him! Would like to rectify this omission.

  4. So wonderful! I already got the book. So I want someone else to win it 🙂 Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Caroline! Happy participating, everyone!

  5. A Long Blue Monday by Erhard von Buren
    A fascinating read. Erhard has a wonderful, natural insight and understanding for the tribulations of a young country lad in the throws of puberty. This farm boy longs for the love of a lass who is clever, classy and of rich parents. Erhard’s wonderful descriptions of the young man‘s yearnings, his complicated plans to arrange surprise meetings with Claudia, his times of hopefulness falling to desperate disappointments and the ups and downs of life with its frustrations, longings , joys and welcome surprises.
    I would recommend this book to anyone and especially those interested in the psychology of youth and their personal relationships.
    Helen Wallimann’s translation flows brilliantly as if the story had been written in English.

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