German Literature Month Giveaway – Grimm’s Fairy Tales T-shirt by Literary Book Gifts

A while ago I was contacted by a small company – Literary Book Gifts – that produces gifts for book lovers. I had a look and liked their products so much that I decided to feature them for German Literature Month and offer one of their T-shirts, The Grimm’s Fairy Tale shirt,  as a give-away (co-sponsored by Literary Book Gifts).

The company produces T-shirts for women and men and tote bags. All of them with great book-related art work as you can see below where I share some of my favourites. Each T-shirt comes in various sizes and colors.

And some of the tote bags:



The T-shirt I’m giving away is a Grimm’s Fairy Tales T-shirt. This too, is available for men and women and in various colors.

If you would like to win a T-shirt, leave a comment below.

The giveaway is open internationally. The winners will be announced on Sunday November 4 2018, around 18:00 Central European time.


If you’d like to buy something from Literary Book Gifts, you can use the promo code beautyisasleepingcat20. It will give you a discount of 20%.

Thanks to Literary Book Gifts for co-sponsoring the T-shirt and for offering a code.

A Very Short Review – Belinda Bauer: Snap (2018)

I’ve wanted to read Belinda Bauer for ages because I’ve heard so many good things about her books. Even so, I was surprised to see her on the Man Booker longlist. I don’t think many crime novels are included usually. And so, even though Rubbernecker is on my piles, I went and got Snap. I finished it two days ago and am still baffled. Baffled it made the Booker longlist. Not only baffled – sad really – because if the typical Booker longlist reader usually doesn’t read crime and this is his introduction to the genre  . . . Not ideal. Baffled also because it’s such a weak book. There’s some nice writing there, good characterisations, but the story is unbelievable, relies heavily on coincidences – one after the other  – and the killer’s motive is so far-fetched that it’s painful.

The premise is interesting enough. A pregnant mother leaves her kids in the car to get petrol and never returns. Later, her body is found. She’s been murdered. There are no suspects and soon it’s a cold case. Three years later, the three kids are living on their own in the messiest place one could imagine. What happened? The dad couldn’t cope and left the three children to fend for themselves. The oldest, Jack, provides for them by breaking and entering into houses whose owners are on holidays. Unfortunately, (biggest coincidence) one house isn’t abandoned and inside Jack finds not only a pregnant woman, but an object he believes had something to do with his mother’s death.

If I didn’t already own Rubbernecker, I’m pretty certain, I would not return to Belinda Bauer. But since I do, I might give her another try. I’m not sure though. I’ve read many great crime novels this year and also a few mediocre ones, but none was as unbelievable as this.

Why did I finish it, you may wonder? For the longest time, I thought it might go into another direction. Sadly it didn’t. And there was zero atmosphere.