#LiveFromSofia – A Short Story Collection by Alexander Shpatov

I just reviewed Alexander Shpatov’s fascinating short story collection #LiveFromSofia for #BulgarianLiteratureMonth hosted by the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative. If you’d like to read it – here’s the review. The site is well worth checking out, especially if, like me, you’re not very familiar with Bulgarian literature.

8 thoughts on “#LiveFromSofia – A Short Story Collection by Alexander Shpatov

  1. Thank you so much Caroline, for participating in #BulgarianLiteratureMonth and providing such a wonderful review. I hope some more people will pick up this book now, which is also in my opinion an excellent book that deserves more readers. In general, I hope that this Bulgarian Literature Month will boost the interest of readers and publishers in books from my second home.

  2. Excellent review, Caroline. I’ve visited Bulgaria (many years ago) but missed Sophia. Have not read any Bulgarian literature, but I like that the stories are somewhat connected.

    • Thanks, Carole. It must be a lovely city.
      I just realized, seeing some of the other reviews that I have more Bulgarian literature on my piles. The stories are only thematically connected and resonante with each other. Nothing like Olive Kitteridge. I’m just mentioning it because I know you’re not too keen on short stories.

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