Final Thoughts on German Literature Month 2016


I know that some of you, including my co-host, are extending German Literature Month through December. I am not keen on extending events, so this is my goodbye to GLM.

A usual, the event was a success. There have been 119 reviews so far. Normally I try to read as many reviews as possible but November was too hectic and upsetting to do so. I still hope to visit a few of you. In any case, thank you so much for participating.

I’ve done quite well with my reading plans this year, but I haven’t reviewed everything I’ve read. Tony wrote about Judith Herrmann’s collection Lettipark here. I felt pretty much the same about the book, so I skipped the review. I’ll return to some stories, but overall it left me rather cold.

I never got to reading the fantasy novel I intended to read nor another short story collection but that’s OK. I’m especially glad I read Walter Kempowski and Uwe Timm.

I loved Capus’ novel when I read it but it’s already fading. Not the best sign. I enjoyed returning to Ursula P. Archer aka Ursula Poznanski and will read more of her crime and YA novels.

Thank you again for participating.


21 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on German Literature Month 2016

  1. I haven’t been involved at all but I am reading All For Nothing based on your recommendation – it’s quite an unusual book and great for reading slowly (which is just as well this time of the year).

  2. Thanks for the hosting and the effort. It seems like the results ought to be random, just a bunch of arbitrary books, but no. It is interesting how the focus, on what I am reading and what other people post, gets me thinking.

    • My pleasure. It does turn into an almost organic event, doesn’t it? I alos like how books that have been discovered one year are then the focus in the following year. It’s interesting. Thank you for particpating. I always follow your post but I don’t always comment.

  3. Didn’t read as much as I planned. But I finished Grand Hotel by Vicki Baum and read part of the Ursula Archer mystery (good, but my pile was too overwhelming–so will save it for next year now, I think). Even if I didn’t read nearly as much as I hoped–still fun to hear about the books others read and be part of the reading group!

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