Dickens in December – Wrap up

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It’s a sure sign that the year is ending when we publish more wrap up posts than original posts. The end of 2012 also marks the end of Dickens’s bicentenary and of Delia and my Dickens in December event. It’s time to thank all of those who have participated and have joined in the readalong or reviewed books and movies. The links below show that the event was quite a success. I enjoyed it a lot and am glad that I have finally read one of Dickens novels. It will not be my last. A special thank you to my co-host Delia.

Thank you once more and I hope you enjoyed  it as well.

Intro Delia

Intro Caroline

Intro Post (Resistance is Futile)

Intro Post (Leeswamme’s Blog)

Intro Post (50 Year Project)

Intro Post (Rikki’s Teleidoscope)

Intro Post (Page 247)

Intro (Books Speak Volumes)

Dickens in December Begins Today (Beauyt is A Sleeping Cat)

Intro (Too Fond)

Dickens in December Start (Postcards for Asia)

Some Dickens for December (Kaggy’s Bookish Ramblings)

Giveaways Delia – Caroline

Classics Club December Meme – A Christmas Carol (Too Fond)

Great Expectations (Fanda Classiclit)

Bleak House (The Argumentative Old Git)

My Favorite Dickens Quote (On the Homefront)

Great Expectations (My Reading Journal)

A Tale of Two Cities (Babbling Books)

Dickens in December – A mixed bag (Lizzy’s Literary Life)

The Muppet Christmas Carol (Rikki’s Teleidoscope)

Dickens Project (Reader Woman)

A Christmas Carol – Jim Carrey Version (Beauty is a Sleeping Cat)

Great Expectations mini series (Fanda Classiclit)

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickelby (2001) — (Postcards from Asia)

Oliver Twist- The Movie (Leeswamme’s Blog)

The Chimes (The Argumentative Old Git)

Dickens on Screen: David Copperfield, The old Curiosity Shop, Great Expectations (Postcards from Asia)

The Old Curiosity Shop (Tabula Rasa)

Great Expectations (Beauty is a Sleeping Cat)

A Tale of Two Cities (50 Year Project)

Three Detective Anecdotes (Cceativeshadows)

Havisham and Bleak Expectations (Lizzy’s Literary Life)

Blackadder’s A Christmas Carol (Rikki’s Teleidoscope)

Great Expectations (Lynn’s Book Blog)

A Christmas Carol BBC Version (Rikkis’ Teleidoscope)

The Pickwick Papers (Tony’s Reading List)

A Christmas Carol (Surgabukuku)

Great Expectations (50 Year Project)

A very short review A Tale of Two Cities (Leeswamme’s Blog)

Three Short Stories (Postcards from Asia)

A Tale of Two Cities (Tabula Rasa)

Dodger by Terry Pratchett and Dickens by Peter Ackroyd (Tabula Rasa)

Hard Times (Vishy’s Blog)

The Old Curiosity Shop (Kiss a Cloud)

Readalong participants

50 Year Project (TBM)

Dolce Bellezza (Bellezza)

Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings

Polychrome Interest (Novia)

Postcards from Asia (Delia)

The Argumentative Old Git (Himadri)

The Things You Can Read  (Cynthia)Questions and Answers

The Things You Can Read Student Comments

The View From the Palace (Shimona)

Lost in the Covers (Elisa)

Leeswamme’s Blog (Judith)

Lynn’s Book Blog

Love. Laughter and a Touch of Insanity (Trish)

A Work in Progress (Danielle)

Sandra – please see comments section

Tabula Rasa (Pryia)

Slightly Cultural, Most Thoughtful and Inevitably Irrelevant (Arenel)

My Reading Journal (Ann)

Vishy’s Blog (Vishy)

Resistance is Futile (Rachel)

Too Fond

Beauty is a Sleeping Cat (Caroline)

38 thoughts on “Dickens in December – Wrap up

  1. I watched David Lean’s Oliver Twist (so-so), and the Alaistair Sim version of Scrooge (marvellous, a classic). I’d have read some Dickens too, but I don’t seem to have a single book by him these days.

    • I watched the Alistair Sims a while ago and liked it a lot as well.
      Did I miss your movie reviews? Good to know the David Lean isn’t that good. I usually like his movies.

      • No, I never got around to reviewing them. I started reviewing Oliver Twist, but I didn’t really have much to say. The film is ok (the start is quite atmospheric); and it’s funny that Oliver, born and brought up in a workhouse, still has a plummy middle-class accent. Lean’s Great Expectations is meant to be the better adaptation.

  2. Thanks to you and Delia for organizing this. I am just finishing up my reread of Great Expectations but may not get a post up ’til after the new year. So, Dickens in December in January!

  3. Thanks for hosting this event with Delia, Caroline! I really enjoyed participating in it. Though I could read only two books of Dickens, it was fun. I am hoping to read more Dickens next year. Hope ‘Dickens in December’ becomes a fixture in the calendar 🙂

  4. That’s quite an impressive list. You have a knack for organizing these events Caroline and so many readers always join in! Hope you have a really great New Year and best wishes in 2013!

    • I was very surprised. For some reason i had a feeling there were not many contributions but that was just because German Literature Month has such a massive particpation. It really was a great event.
      I love organizing events. 🙂
      I wish you a great New Year as well ad a wonderful 2013.

  5. Thanks for hosting this awesome event – I always mean to read the classics, but it is great when something like this encourages 🙂 Happy New Year!

  6. Dickens was the novel that I never even got off the shelf this month – it was NOT a good reading month for me, but never mind. So glad to see such fantastic participation once again, Caroline! Wonderful treats here for Dickens fans.

    • Dickens isn’t an idesl “last minute read”, his books are far too chunky and as far as I remember you wanted to read one of the longer ones.
      I’m very pleased with the participation. 🙂

  7. Heh, I’ve just remembered that I was planning to read 3 novels during the month and haven’t even finished the first one – The Old Curiosity Shop. I really think it was not a very good choice, as I’m not quite enjoying it and so I’m dragging through it really slowly( But anyway, I really enjoyed the readalong and some of the members’ reviews, so thanks for hosting this event! =) And happy New Year!

    • Thanks for participating, Arenel. And a wonderful Happy New Year to you as well.
      No point in forcing yourself. Ißm not familiar with it but I think it´s pretty long, right?

        • ´m like you, I finsih almost all the books I start unless I accidentally pick something which is badly written. I just added another link today. Kiss a Cloud reviewed The Old Curiosity Shopt.

  8. Pingback: The Old Curiosity Shop, January, and the new year | kiss a cloud

  9. Looks like a great event, Caroline. It’s wonderful to see so many people participating – even though I wasn’t able to, I discovered a lot of new book blogs, and read some interesting posts. I hardly read anything in December, and didn’t really blog at all – just published some posts I’d written before (shh – don’t tell anyone!). Moving back to London took up a lot of time, plus had some family issues to take care of. Hope to have more time for reading and blogging now that I’m settled. Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Yera to you as well.
      Moving is so tiresome. And from one continent to the next… And family issues are hardly ever very energizing.
      It’s not bad to preapre a few posts in advance. 🙂

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