Dickens in December Begins Today

It’s already December and time that we start reading our Dickens novels and watch some movies based on his books. The detailed plan of this month can be found in the Introductory and Sing up Post. I’m co-hosting this event together with Delia (Postcards from Asia). Don’t miss to visit her blog as well.

The most important date to keep in mind is December 21 as that is the date for our A Christmas Carol readalong.

I have already started Great Expectations and really like it so far.

I will re-watch the movie Great Expectations (1998) starring Gwyneth Paltrow as I loved it but I would also like to watch one of the many versions of A Christmas Carol. The one from 1935 can been watched on YouTube.

Do you have a favorite movie version of A Christmas Carol? Let me know. I have a hard time choosing the one I should see.