Announcing German Literature Month II – November 2012

I’m so pleased that I can finally announce that German Literature Month is returning. Mark November in your calendar and join Lizzy and me for the occasion.

While we focused on countries last year, this year we are structuring the month around genres and literary formats.

Week 1 (November 1-7) Novellas, plays and poems
Week 2 (November 8-14) Literary Novels
Week 3 (November 15-21) Genre Fiction – Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Romance
Week 4 (November 22-30) Read as you please

We chose that sequence so that Judith’s previously announced Bernhard Schlink Week (November 11-17) would span both literary novels and genre week. So if you read something by Schlink this month, you can partake in two blogging events for the price of one. Cunning, don’t you think?

2012 is also the bi-centennial of the birth of the Brothers Grimm. We can’t let it pass without a Brothers Grimm Readathon. So we’ve put that in the calendar from 22-26 November.

My Literature and War Readalong of Gert Ledig’s The Stalin Front will bring the month to a close on the 30th.

I’m looking forward to another wonderful month with lots to read, discuss and discover. Please join us.

Looking for inspiration? Why don’t you browse through last year’s discussion or the German Literature Month 2011 page. You never know what you’ll be inspired to pick up.

Like last year there will be giveaways. Additionally I’m planning on doing a series of introductory posts during October.