Dutch Reading Month in June

I just wanted to raise awareness for the upcoming Dutch reading month that will be organized by Iris on Books. She already hosted the read along for Harry Mulisch’s The Discovery of Heaven and now, all through June, we will be reading Dutch books. There are already quite a lot of people who want to participate. I did a post a while back with Dutch reading recommendations. If you would like to participate, have a look at my Dutch Book Recommendations or at those Iris is giving on her Blog.

I’m not sure what I will read but I enjoy the fact that I don’t have to decide in advance.  I have two new books on my TBR pile, one is Tommy Wieringa’s Caesarion, the other one Willem Frederik Herman’s The Darkroom of Damocles. Both have been recommended by Lizzy (Lizzy’s Literary Life) and by Iris.

You can also find recommendations on The Dutch Foundation For Literature.

28 thoughts on “Dutch Reading Month in June

    • I hope you get to join in. I haven’t read much by Hella Haasse, but I want to. She is actually the favourite author of the Dutch Queen, I think.

      • It’s going to be a part of my EU book tour too.

        I haven’t read any Dutch book (apart from the Diary of Anne Franck) and I think I’m really missing something there. I wonder how all these writers escaped my radar.

    • I loved the picture so had to use it. I also got a novel by Haasse but it has been translated. The Tea Lords.
      Some of the people who participate are Dutch and or read German and most books that have been translated into French have been translated into German, they would still be interested. Yes, do join! It would be nice.

        • That’s a good idea, I’m sure you will find a lot. Maybe Eline Vere has another title or is out of print? Does hella Haasse write only historical fiction? It seems as if. At least The Tea Lords is. I think there are so many great books. I’m really tempted to read Caesarion but ordered it in German, the English isn’t out, my Dutch is okish but I can’t read very fast.

  1. I hope you fall for Damokles as much as I have. I haven’t yet read Caesarion, so let’s hope it will be good.

    There’s loads of Couperus translated into English – Eline Vere and many others by him are available from Pushkin Press.

    • Both books sound equally good and some of the others I have as well. I would read them all if I just had some more time. I will eventually but maybe not all in June. I’m really curious to see what everyone will be reading. I hope you will like Caesarion.

  2. I’m really hoping to be able to make time for this, although my track record with reading projects this year is terrible. On a side note, I love that photo you posted!

    • It would be great to have you join. You’ve been (or are) super busy this year, I know. There are a few shorter Dutch novels as well.
      I love the photo too, thanks.

    • There is a French reading month coming up in July (I will post on it). That would be easier for you to join. Although with the history of Indonesia and the Netherlands you might find Dutch authors? I’m tempted to read in Dutch but the books I have do not tempt me and ordering something is difficult. I will read what is closest, German translations. The problem with the Dutch books I have is also that they hve not been translated.

  3. Thanks for the recommendations, Caroline. I’m sorry to say I haven’t read many Dutch writers, even though one of my grandfathers was from Holland.

    The first photo is so beautiful.

    • Thanks. It’s a beautiful part in Amsterdam. Reminds me that I wanted to go again. They have hotels on boats in the canals. Haven’t tried this yet. It is interesting to see the comments on other blogs who participate… Most people haven’t read anything Dutch. I’m looking forward to it.

  4. I would love to try and read something by a Dutch author in June, but I’m not sure if I’ll manage it. I already have a towering pile of books I’m working on at the moment, but I’ll enjoy hearing about what everyone else is reading. Lovely photo–I would love to visit there someday!

    • Nooteboom has a very short one called Following Story and Rituals is also quite short and so good. I haven’t read Following Story yet but might do so. I think I need to get to The Darkroom of Damocles soon too. I’m sure there will be many great suggestions. I think Hella Haasse could be an author for you as you like historical fiction. I got The Teabarons and it seemed very good.

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