Joseph Roth – Radetzky March Readalong

You may remember talk of a spring Radetzky March readalong (or re-readalong for those who are already acquainted) during 2018 German Literature Month.  All who were interested in participating were asked to comment on their favoured month, and it turned out that April was favoured by most.

Now April is beginning to look rather full. Stu is hosting Penguin Classics week at the beginning of the month (8th-15th) and Karen and Simon are hosting the 1965 club at the end of the month (22nd-28th).  So where can Lizzy and I slot this readalong?

As the novel is divided into 3 parts of nearly equal length, we’ve decided on the first 3 weeks of the month. (There is a Penguin Classics edition, so, if you’re reading that, you can kill two birds with one stone!) And to tie in with #translationthurs, we’ll discuss Part One on Thursday  April 4, Part Two on Thursday April 11 and Part 3 on Thursday April 18.

We both loved the detailed discussion of the Effi Briest readalong, way back when during the first German Literature Month. So we’re intending to send out discussion questions for each part of the discussion.  You can answer these or post your own thoughts, entirely as you please.  If you’re intending to participate, please leave a comment and your email below.

More details nearer the time, but we wanted you to pencil in the dates now – before the month of April just gets too full for most of us!

26 thoughts on “Joseph Roth – Radetzky March Readalong

  1. I have heard some very good things about this book. I have committed to another read – along in April so I might not be able to join you. However, I am very much looking forward to everyone’s posts.

  2. As I think I’ve already said, I’m going to pass on the readalong itself, in spite of how interesting it sounds – but I am looking forward to reading your posts on it. Best of luck. 🙂

    • That’s so great, Andrew. I‘m looking forward to reading this with you. I’m also glad you liked the Effi Briest format. I think it’s great to do readalongs that way.

  3. Hi Caroline,
    I’ve just left a comment for Lizzy about my interest in this readalong. I’ve been wrestling with Russian translations this year (all these controversies!), so I’m interested to know if you prefer a particular translation. I asked Lizzy her preference, if she has any, as well.

  4. Count me in too, please. It’s a marvellous novel. I think it‘s such a good idea to give us questions. That will focus the discussion.

  5. So excited! I will definitely be joining! Got the book recently and I am tempted to start reading everytime I look at it 😁 But I will resist that temptation till April. Thanks so much for hosting this readalong with Lizzy, Caroline! Can’t wait for April!

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