Neil Gaiman Teaches the Art of Storytelling – Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing

This is something for the writers among my readers – but also for the fans of Neil Gaiman and Margaret Atwood.

I’ve taken a few of the Masterclass (writing) classes because I’ve got the all-access pass since last year and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Some of the newer instructors are Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman. While I mostly enjoy Margaret Atwood’s class, I absolutely love Nail Gaiman’s storytelling course. The material is inspiring and he’s just such a wonderful person.

Since these are new classes, I thought it might be worth mentioning them.

You can find Neil’s class here:

Here is Margaret Atwood’s class:



If you have any questions about Masterclass or certain classes, just ask me. Since I’ve taken a few – not only on writing -, I can certainly give you my opinion and some advice.

4 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman Teaches the Art of Storytelling – Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing

  1. It is fantastic that these classes are available. Folks tend to get very negative about the digital age, but things like these classes are such positives that fold in prior times never had. Have fun with the classes.

    • I agree with. It’s one of the best things the digital age has to offer.
      I have a lot of fun. There are so many great people teaching there. Photographers, actors, architects . . .

    • I think so too. I‘ve taken several online courses, met wonderful people. It’s one of the best things about the internet.
      He is a stunning storyteller and his advice and insight is so great. The whole course material is wonderful. Makes my book piles grow because he suggest a lot of reading.

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