German Literature Month Giveaway – Grimm’s Fairy Tales T-shirt by Literary Book Gifts

A while ago I was contacted by a small company – Literary Book Gifts – that produces gifts for book lovers. I had a look and liked their products so much that I decided to feature them for German Literature Month and offer one of their T-shirts, The Grimm’s Fairy Tale shirt,  as a give-away (co-sponsored by Literary Book Gifts).

The company produces T-shirts for women and men and tote bags. All of them with great book-related art work as you can see below where I share some of my favourites. Each T-shirt comes in various sizes and colors.

And some of the tote bags:



The T-shirt I’m giving away is a Grimm’s Fairy Tales T-shirt. This too, is available for men and women and in various colors.

If you would like to win a T-shirt, leave a comment below.

The giveaway is open internationally. The winners will be announced on Sunday November 4 2018, around 18:00 Central European time.


If you’d like to buy something from Literary Book Gifts, you can use the promo code beautyisasleepingcat20. It will give you a discount of 20%.

Thanks to Literary Book Gifts for co-sponsoring the T-shirt and for offering a code.

32 thoughts on “German Literature Month Giveaway – Grimm’s Fairy Tales T-shirt by Literary Book Gifts

  1. Well, I’m not a t-shirt wearer so don’t enter me for the drawv (lovely as the prize is)! But those designs are lovely, and I have a bit of an addiction to tote bags – so I may have to make use of that discount code! 😀

  2. The designs look nice. Please include me in the draw. I’m a bit bemused by the Proust design though—the design doesn’t seem relevant at all, unless it’s a play on Swann’s name…I guess I’m missing something.

  3. I wear a Gatsby T-shirt produced by another company and this sort of thing always appeals to me. Have you already told us somewhere what German books you will be discussing next month?

    • Hi Andrew, I would wear a Gatsby T-shirt too.
      I haven’t said anything, no. We have readalongs. I hope to read those. It’s on the intro post. A children’s book, a crime novel, a classic, Joseoh Roth, and contemporary Swiss fiction.

  4. These products are wonderful, and I thank you so much for letting us know about the company. I enjoy your blog very much and have decided to follow you. I hope I win – I have several T-shirts and totes chosen and placed in my ongoing wish list. 🤗🤗🤗

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