Announcing German Literature Month VII

Doesn’t time fly?  It seems like only two minutes ago since we were celebrating GLM VI.

Just like in previous years, I will co-host this event with Lizzy’s Literary Life. During the month of November, both our blogs will be dedicated to literature written in German.

Will you be dusting down some neglected tomes from your bookshelves? Reading more from a favourite author or treating yourself to some newly translated works?  There’s a lot to celebrate in German Literature this year: the Theodor Storm bi-centennial, the Heinrich Böll centennial, or the three German titles on the longlist of the Warwick Prize for Women in Translation.

It’s hard to know where to start, and impossible to fit it all in. So Lizzy and I have decided to let you meander through the trails of German literature wherever and in whatever fashion you may wish (and perhaps, between us, we’ll cover it all.)

The whole month will be read as you please, with two readalongs for those who enjoy social reading.

On 15th November, the date of the Warwick Prize award, Lizzy will be discussing Yoko Tawada’s Memoirs of A Polar Bear.

On 29th November, I will discuss Lion Feuchtwanger’s The Oppermanns as part of her War and Literature series.

There is no obligation to participate in the readalongs.  As ever,  the only rule for German Literature Month is to simply enjoy reading something originally written in German.  A novel, a play, a poem. Literary non-fiction, even.  Blog about it. Tweet about it. Review on goodreads or any other review site of your choice.  Just let the world know about the treasures to be found in German Literature (and let us know about it also on a special link that will be made available on November 1st).

In years past support for German Literature Month has been phenomenal, and the event is now a true highlight of our reading calendar.  Will GLM VII match its predecessors? It will if you join us. Will you?

47 thoughts on “Announcing German Literature Month VII

  1. Thank you for co-hosting this, Caroline. My heart is after ‘Memoirs of A Polar Bear’. But both the books are quite expensive, and I don’t have access to a library. Would you please recommend something else for me? I so want to participate. Thank you, Caroline. 🙂

  2. Time does indeed fly. Though there are a couple of books I really beed to get through in the next couple of months I will try to sneak in a post. I am also looking forward to reading everyone else’s entries.

  3. I’m hoping to join in again this year, personal circumstances permitting. Maybe an Irmgard Keun as she’s been on my list of ‘must try’ authors for a while. Thanks for co-hosting this with Lizzie – I can imagine how much work is involved in coordinating an annual event like this.

  4. Good to see you are back, Caroline. Of course I will happily join German Literature month again. I haven’t made up my mind yet what to read and review, maybe some Leo Perutz and I have also a novel by Fred Wander on top of my TBR pile. If I have enough time, I might do a few more reviews, but better not to promise since I am sure if I can make it.

  5. Yay! My favourite reading event is back! Thanks so much for hosting GLM VII with Lizzy, Caroline! So excited! Can’t wait to take down my favourite German books, buy some new ones and write my reading plan post! Also can’t wait to find out what other GLM veterans are upto and what are their reading plans 🙂 Can’t wait for November!

  6. Lots on the shelves, and I’m sure I’ll buy a couple more before November (just finishing off a leisurely reread of ‘Buddenbrooks’,too!).

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  8. Hi Caroline, I will be joining in again this year and have held of posting until I’d finalised my reading plan I will be aiming to cover
    Sven Regener with Berlin Blues
    Robert Menasse with The Pitiful story of Leo Singer (to be read in French)
    Thomas Melle with 3000€ (to be read in French)
    Daniel Speck with Bella Germania (to be read in German)
    Zoran Drvenkar with You (Audio)
    Ingo Shulze with Adam and Evelyn
    I guess I just have to do it.
    I am of course looking forward to the other ‘hundreds’ of reviews
    Until then

    • Hi Pat, I’m so glad that you will join us. I love your choices. Berlin Blues is a favourite. I can’t wait to read your reviews. I hope you’ll enjoy your books.

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