Nicci French: Friday On My Mind (2015) Frieda Klein 5

Friday On My Mind

I just finished the fifth novel in Nicci French’s Frieda Klein series, Friday On My Mind. I really like this series although not all the books are equally good. Part of the appeal is that they are set in London, so, understandably I wasn’t too keen on book four, in which Frieda is returning to her childhood home and which therefore takes place mostly outside of London.

In this novel, we are back in London. It’s quite different from the other books, but I’m happy to say it’s one of the best of the series. Frieda isn’t only  looking for a perpetrator, no, she’s on the run and desperately trying to clear her name. A body has been found in the Thames. The dead man has a hospital tag with Frieda’s name around his wrist. His throat has been cut, so he’s clearly a murder victim. For various reasons, the police suspect Frieda.

Hiding in London proves to be very difficult. And dangerous. The police are hunting her and with CCTV everywhere, she might be discovered all too soon. But the danger doesn’t come from the police, it comes from the murderer who chases her as well.

As usual, Frieda does a lot of foolish things and puts herself and her friends in danger.

I really enjoyed this fifth installment. I liked the story and I like Frieda and her circle of friends who play an important role in this book.

Another aspect I enjoyed was that because Frieda was on the run, she came into contact with people who live on the margins of society and under precarious circumstances. This gave the book depth. On a side note—This is  the second UK novel I’ve read recently, in which the killing and/or abuse of homeless people plays a role. I felt tempted to google this and was shocked to find out how often this really happens. It’s appalling.

The sixth book is due in June (Saturday Requiem) but I will probably wait until it’s available in paperback.

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12 thoughts on “Nicci French: Friday On My Mind (2015) Frieda Klein 5

  1. It seems like a good thing that, as you describe it, the books in this series are different. Too many series contain cookie cutter entries.

    Violence against homeless folks is horrendous and usually very high. Sadly it is a worldwide problem.

    • It’s quite varied because she’s a psychologist and not a detective nor a PI.
      Living in Switzerland, I’m sheltered from awful things like crimes against homeless people. It’s abominable.

  2. This series probably isn’t for me as I’m a bit sensitive when it comes to contemporary crime novels (somehow I find these kinds of stories much less frightening when they’re set in the ’40s or ’50s as it all seems so distant). It might suit a friend though. Can the individual novels be read as standalone stories or would you recommend starting at the beginning?

  3. I keep meaning to read Nicci French and get sidetracked for some reason. Thanks for the reminder, Caroline. Glad to hear they’re not all alike–I do like reading a series, but not if they all run together, just changing names and places.

    • I hope you’ll enjoy it, if you read the series or any of the standalone novels. The first The Memory Game was very good and I really liked Until It’s Over. POssibly my favourite. But the series is good and different and not too suspenseful. I don’t like frantic pacing.

  4. Looks like someone is back to reading her favourite crime writer 🙂 Loved your review of Nicci French’s book. Glad to know that it is the best of the series. I hope someday to read this series. I have read one Nicci French book and loved it. Hopefully, one of these days I will read a second one.

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