26 thoughts on “R.I.P. – Ruth Rendell

    • Thanks, Victoria. I find it very sad. There’s a lot to enjoy in her writing. Especially her standalone books are so much more than just crime. She was already 85, still, seeing a new novel of hers, every year, was part of the fun of going to the book shop.

    • It’s so sad, right? I’ve read loads of her novels and while I didn’t read her as often in the last year or so, I knew I’d get back to her and I was always scanning the shops for her latest and jusst somehow happy to know she was there and writing.

  1. Oh, no, how sad! She’s a terrific writer, and I keep meaning to do a proper reading project where I read everything by Ruth Rendell (including her stuff as Barbara Vine) in chronological order. ONE OF THESE DAYS.

  2. She was fantastic. I think she was the author who veered me towards crime as my favourite genre, when I discovered her in 3rd or 4th year at secondary school. I dropped the Wexfords (I noted exactly where – Simisola – so I could go back to them, and will) but my pal’s mum bought all her standalones/Barbara Vines in hardback and lent them to me. I’ve read them all, bar two recent ones which I’ve been “saving”. I don’t think we’ll EVER see such a consistent crime writer. Required reading for any aspiring crime authors, definitely. An absolute master.

    • I couldn’agree more. I’ve not read nearly as much as you have but many. What you say about he consistency is very true. Some authors have a lot of duds in a long career like hers but she didn’t.
      You’ve got to tell me which are your favourites.

  3. It is such sad news, Caroline. When I saw it in the paper, I felt really sad. She was a writer who wrote wonderful, intelligent mysteries, but who also explored other genres – her horror novels are wonderful too. I think with Ruth Rendell and P.D.James gone, it is the passing of an era. I don’t know whether we will see the likes of them again.

    • Yes, so sad, right’ Of course, P.D.James died recently too. I have still not read her, that’s why it affected me less. An era is ending. I wouldn’t be able to name a younger author with the same impact.
      I’m going to read them both soon.

  4. Oh no, I hadn’t heard this. Was just adding a lot of her books to my TBR pile. It bothers me a lot when a favorite author dies. It’s the end of the special world they created for us.

    • Yes, it bothers me as well. Just a couple of weeks ago I looked at my piles and was glad to see I still had a few of her unread books. And she was one of those who kept on writing great books, not like some who start to produce drivel.
      And I remember Jeanette Winterson mentioning her in her memoir, saying how kind and supportive she was. Oh, it’s too sad.

  5. I love her work, too, and was so sorry to hear she had passed away. I am at least happy that she left such a huge body of work behind and she is someone I will happily read and reread.

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