Guest Interview at Postcards From Asia


I was very honoured when one of my favourite bloggers, Delia from Postcards from Asia, asked me if I would like to take part in her guest post series.

In her interviews she asks questions about favourite books, books that we’d take to a desert island, books that made us cry . . .

If you’re interested you can find the interview here.

I always enjoy reading Delia’s thoughtful posts and the events we organized together were some of the best blogging experiences I had. I hope we’ll do that again soon.

19 thoughts on “Guest Interview at Postcards From Asia

  1. Hi Caroline
    Thank you for participating in this. I’m still thinking about some of your answers. They left an echo somewhere inside me. I loved your “I’m From” poem. Also that last picture with the tiny skulls and the books and the black candles. It’s perfect.

  2. I do so enjoy reading more about my blogging friends – I had no idea you’d written so much? Hopefully one day I’ll be reviewing a book of yours. Also, you make me glad that I have kept hold of my Lucy English novel, even though it’s been on the shelves for years without my getting to it (same old story). It’s such a pleasure when a forgotten book turns up in the context of a recommendation!

    • Yes, I’ve written quite a lot. Some of it needs to be revised but a lot of it is quite finsihed.
      I, too, hope to review one of your books some day. 🙂
      I hope you will enjoy Lucy English.

  3. Loved your guest post, Caroline, especially your prose poem 🙂 I also loved reading about your favourite books. I want to read all of them. Lucy English sounds so enticing! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and telling us more about yourself. I have always enjoyed participating in reading events that you and Delia host and so I am looking forward to the next event that you are planning to host together.

    • Thanks, Vishy. I’m glad you liked it. I enjoyed reading yours as well.
      I hope Delia and I will organize something else very soon.
      I hope you get to read Lucy English. I really loved the two novels I read.

  4. What an interesting idea! Most book bloggers (and you are no exception) are modest persons that don’t like to speak too much about themselves – so it needs someone else to poke us and ask these questions. Enjoyed your answers and it will be interesting to read one day one of your (then published) books.

  5. Have taken a peek and will go now and read properly–I love reading about my blogging friends and so nice, too, to see the photos–like looking at your shelves a while back when you shared your own books! Thanks to Delia for sharing this!

    • Dear Jody,
      I’m sorry, but I didn’t receive a comment from you. I have no moderation – so every comment is automatically published for everybody, with or without blog.
      But I will check my spam folder. I’ll let you know right away.

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