Welcome to German Literature Month

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Welcome everyone to German Literature Month 2014.

If we can go by the many intro posts that I’ve seen, it should be a fantastic month.

I have already started and read three books which I hope to review shortly.

I’m not as disciplined as Lizzy whose plans you can see on her blog, I will read as I please the whole month, focussing mostly on newer publications.

Unfortunately I will not be able to visit and publish a lot during the first ten days, but as soon as things have quieted down on my side, I’ll make the rounds.


A tiny piece of hostess admin before the fun begins in earnest.  The German Literature Month blog is once more up and running and all participants with blogs  (30+ – how terrific is that!) have been added to the blogroll.  If you’re joining in, and don’t see your name up in lights, so to speak, please leave a comment below and you will be added.

There are also prizes to be won by participating.  Whoever tallies the most pick and mix points will win a copy of both Berlin Tales and Vienna Tales, kindly donated by Oxford University Press.  Lizzy and I will choose our favourite post and the writer will win 2 titles by Alina Bronsky, The Hottest Dishes of The Tartar Cuisine and Call Me Superhero, kindly donated by Europa Editions.  For your reviews to be in the running for these prizes, please link them into the Mr Linky on the German Literature Month blog.

All that remains is for Lizzy and I to wish you a very enjoyable November.  🙂


48 thoughts on “Welcome to German Literature Month

  1. I am not sure if I will be able to join in this year Caroline. Time is so tight!

    I am looking forward to reading all the posts, hearing about new authors, and discovering new blogs.

  2. I’ve started Berlin Alexanderplatz. The new translation sounds great. So far so good. I hope I’ll have time to finish it this month, it’s a long book.

  3. My German Lit Month started early with All Quiet on the German Front for book group, but I’ll be reading another two or three in November. Looking forward to following the reviews.

  4. My favourite reading event of the year has arrived and I am so excited! Just started my first book yesterday and have finished fifty pages and am loving it! Am planning to post my intro post soon. Thanks for hosting German Literature Month with Lizzy. Looking forward to reading your thoughts and thoughts of other participants on German books and looking forward to discovering new blogs. Happy reading! GLM rocks 🙂

  5. I ve posted my first book review Heinrih Boll’s the safety net and my german intro post out latewr but not read as much as expected so only have five books read but hope to read a few more over the month

  6. Have already begun with a novella by Thomas Mann, Black Swan, but I’m wondering if I’ll get far in Buddenbrooks…short it is not, and I do want to read some Stefan Zweig. Anyway, looking forward to a marvelous November…such fun to read and have friends to read with!

    • That’s the nicest thing about – to have others to read with.
      I know – all three of Mann’s major novels are huge. I’ve read Doctor Faustus years ago and there wasn’t room for anything else for a while.

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  8. The number of participating blogs and the reading plans are simply blowing me away! Thanks to you and Lizzie to undertake all the organizational work, I suppose all participants appreciate your efforts a lot.

  9. I have been looking forward to this and am reading Stefan Zweig to begin with. I may not be an especially active participant, but I will be quietly working away on my own pile of books and short stories–and look forward to hearing about the books you have been reading, too!

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  14. Consider this your formal invitation to the close out party for German Literature IV. The festivities will take place in the Goethe Room at The Grand Budapest Hotel. Please wear formal evening attire,if possible. Your host will be Ruffington Bousweau, author of The Manly Man’s Guide to the Ports of the Mediterranean. The time will be announced shortly, there will be many special guests, Ruffy, you will be calling him that my the end of the party, has added his own chef to those of the Grand Hotel so the food will be exquisite. If you need help with booking flights or steamships, contact the hotel concierge. Prince Youseff has kindly booked on his account the top three floors of the hotel for complementary rooms for event guests. Lizzy has been assigned the Queen Theresa Suite and Carolina, cats permitted, the Maria Antoinette Suite. There may be, details being worked out with hotel management, a Venus in Furs Costume Party. Kafka has already RSVPed and indicates he will come if he can escape the castle, Stefan Zweig will be delighted to see his old friend Ruffy in whose modest 32 room Chateau in the south of France he once wintered, Joseph Roth, after verifying endless drinks are “on the house”, said he will be coming for sure. Gregor von Rezzori will be in attendance but Thomas Bernard refused the very idea. All event participants are invited.

    Please RSVP if possible

  15. Day Three has begun at the post event observation of GL IV taking place at The Grand Budapest Hotel. Read about the concerts and operas scheduled, book a session with Dr. Freud, check out a few films at the festival hosted by Christopher Isherwood and stop by Mendel the Bibliophiles table in the coffee shop for all your rare book buying needs.

    Many more guests arriving including a small contingent of elderly men arriving from Buenos Aires

    All are invited

    Tommorow is Field Trip Day

      • I hope you like “Mendel the Bibliophile”, tommorow I will feature field trip options, three ladies from the old American South Will arrive, the Mossad will show up uninvited and Junichiro Tanazaki will arrive bringing with him a new entry into the Venus in Furs Contest

  16. Day Four at the Post Event Observation at The Grand Budapest Hotel. Join us for a cruise on the Danube, come along to the royal palace, for foodies get ready for some incredible delicacies on the Hungarian Food Tour, see what happens when three ladies from the American South arrive, and be there when the Mossad shows up. Visitors from India and Japan arrive as word of the great gathering spreads.


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