Blog of the Year 2012

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Things are a bit hectic in my life these days or I would have thanked the lovely Neer from A Hot Cup of Pleasure earlier for this award.

Thank you Neer, it’s very kind of you and much appreciated.

As is the custom with awards, we pass them on. I’ve decided to choose three blogs that I have discovered in 2012 and which I enjoy a lot.

Here are the rules for the Award

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As said before, I chose to pass on this award to three blogs that I have discovered in 2012 and which are all three well worth visiting.

Babbling Books – Brian is one of the rare bloggers who reviews much more non-fiction than fiction and his reviews are always very engaging and thought-provoking. He loves philosophy and whether it’s a novel or a non-fiction book, he’ll always take a closer look at the philosophical ideas in a work.

creativeshadows – I’ve come to appreciate Victoria’s blog for her essays and in-depth analysis of books, short stories, various topics and themes. All of her posts are wonderfully well written and engaging.

The Literary Bunny – I enjoy Christina’s blog a lot. For one it’s very lively and her choice of the books she reads and reviews is quite varied. She will also write about interesting facts or bookish news. A nice eclectic mix.