World Cinema Series 2013

I suppose one could say that the World Cinema Series is back by popular demand. When I posted the wrap up, I realized that there really were quite a lot of contributions and just because I wasn’t highly active, that didn’t mean others were equally inactive.

There were comments and questions about whether or not it would take place again. And so the World Cinema Series is back.

The rules are really simple. The idea is to watch movies from as many different countries as possible. It’s also possible to pick a lot of subtitled movies from one country like some of you have done last year. However in order to make points and win a prize, you would have to cover as many countries a possible.

Like last year, the person who covers the most countries will win a DVD or a 25$ amazon voucher.

I will collect all the reviews on the World Cinema Series 2013 page. Please leave your links there or in this post.

I hope for as many participants as possible and to discover a lot of great movies. And I also hope I will manage to review more than last year myself.

I would also like to post at least bimonthly wrap up posts.

Like last year, Richard from Caravana de recuerdos is hosting a similar event, the Foreign Film Festival. You are free to submit your reviews to both events.

To put you in the mood I attached a trailer of a movie I’d like to watch one of these days.

29 thoughts on “World Cinema Series 2013

  1. I look forward to seeing which movies you choose. I love movies but I don’t watch as many foreign films as I’d like. I have a hard time reading the subtitles as my TV is smaller and my chair not as close as it could be–may have to go back to streaming from Netflix onto my computer.

    • With some movies it can be a challenge to read the subtitles.
      I actually watched quitea lot but didn’t review them. I want to post at least once a month this year.

  2. I will need to bow out of this one because as I mentioned earlier I do not get the chance to watch many films these days. I do look forward to reading everyone else’s commentary.

  3. Great to know that the World Cinema series is back, Caroline! I have to make a list of movies I have on DVD which I have not seen yet and then categorize them by country 🙂 I have one question. If a movie is based on a novel by a writer from a particular country, but the movie is made in English by an American movie maker, does it count as an American movie or otherwise? For example, the movie ‘Blindness’ is based on a novel by Portuguese writer Jose Saramago. The movie is in English. But to complicate matters the director is Brazilian! Will this movie be regarded as an American movie or a Portuguese movie? Thanks!

    • I’m glad you will join and am looking forward to your reviews.
      It’s a tricky question. I would look it up on IMDb and decide then. If tey mention three countries you pick the one you feel it represents best. In this case, I’m afraid it would be America but I’m not sure.
      It would be different if it was an American movie about Portugal though and tries to represent the country like in the Camel movie I attached which is, i think, a German production but not a German movie.

  4. A bit late to the party, but I’m eager to participate in this again, and be significantly more active than last year I hope! Yay. 🙂

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