Dickens in December – Giveaway – Tom-All-Alone’s

It’s time for the second Dickens in December giveaway. Delia and I are both giving away a book but the choices are quite different. Don’t miss to visit her blog and find out what she has to offer.

Lynn Shepherd’s novel Tom-All-Alone’s is one in a long tradition of books which have been inspired by Dickens. While I must honestly admit that I haven’t had the chance to read it yet, I decided to give away a copy of this novel as I think it sounds excellent. More than one blogger I appreciate has written a favorable review of this book (here and here and here)  and I think it’s safe to assume it will be a great read.

And there is even an additional treat included in this giveaway – Lynn has offered to send the winner a signed book-plate. Thank you so much, Lynn! 

Here’s the blurb

The story of Tom-All-Alone’s takes place in the ‘space between’ two masterpieces of mid-Victorian fiction: Bleak House and The Woman in White – overlapping with them, and re-imagining them for a contemporary reader, with a modern understanding of the grimmer realities of Victorian society. Charles Maddox, dismissed from the police force, is working as a private detective and can only hope to follow in his uncle’s formidable footsteps as an eminent thief-taker. On a cold and bright Autumn morning, a policeman calls on Charles at his lodgings with information that may be related to a case he is working on. He goes to a ruined cemetery to find a shallow grave containing the remains of four babies has been discovered. After examining them he concludes they are not related to his investigation, which is to find a young girl abandoned in a workhouse 16 years before, when her mother died. But all is not as it first appears. As he’s drawn into another case at the behest of the eminent but feared lawyer, Edward Tulkinghorn, London’s sinister underbelly begins to emerge. From the first gruesome murder, Charles has a race against time to establish the root of all evil. Tom’s-All-Alone is ‘Dickens but darker’ – without the comedy, without the caricature, and a style all its own. The novel explores a dark underside of Victorian life that Dickens and Collins hinted at – a world in which young women are sexually abused, unwanted babies summarily disposed of, and those that discover the grim secrets of great men brutally eliminated.


If you would like to win a copy of this book, just leave a comment and tell my why you think you’d like to read it.

The giveaway is open internationally and ends on December 25. The winner will be announced on December 26. 

Dickens in December will end that same week and we wanted to let you know that we will wrap up the event on December 30. Please make sure all of your contributions and reviews have been added to the link list on my Dickens in December page. We would like to make sure that we have included all of you in the wrap up.

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39 thoughts on “Dickens in December – Giveaway – Tom-All-Alone’s

  1. I would like to enter this giveaway. The reason I would like to read this book is because it has an interesting storyline, where the dickens world meets the underworld. This is something Charles Dickens would’ve written. Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  2. Yes! As a Dickens nut I would love to read this one. But I think you already know that about me. I haven’t read The Woman in White yet, but so many have told me that it’s fantastic. Also I’ve heard many say they prefer Collins over Dickens. I’ll have to read more Collins so I can weigh in on the argument. I hope all is well on your side Caroline!

  3. Reading Dickens this December has been one of the blessings of the season. I love his thoughts, his plots, and even the darkness has a way of seeming alluring. Perhaps I long for a Victorian time? I’ve decided to read A Christmas Carol every year now that I’ve officially finished it for your read-along (no one should be content with just the film or the theater production!). Then, I went on ahead to read a few of his short stories on Christmas, particularly The Chimes. It was bizarre, but happy at the end, and that made it all worthwhile. I’d love to read this ‘take’ on Dickens, and to have a signed edition of Tom All-Alone’s? All the more special. Thanks for offering it as a give-away, Caroline!

    • It was nice of her to offer the signed plate.
      I thought it was a wonderful experience to discover Dickens this December.
      I can understand why people like to re-read A Christmas carol every year. There’s something new every time we read it.
      The Argumentative old Git has reviwed The Chimes. It’s sounds quite different but interesting as well.
      I will not read anything else by him this year. Maybe Bleak House in January.

  4. Thank you for this great giveaway, Caroline. I’m sorry I missed most of Dickens in December, a wonderful idea. Hopefully you will do it again next year and I will be around for it then.

    I’ve never heard of Tom-All-Alone’s but I’m intrigued about the dark side of Victorian England and London’s underbelly. I like detective fction, too, and I think this story sounds like an interesting, quite sinister read. I’m sure I’ll miss the humor of Dickens.

    I hope you’re having a Merry Christmas season!

    • Good to know you liked it, thanks for telling me.
      I saw that a new one is coming out soon.
      I think the first one on Masnfield Park was great too. I always hesitated a bit as I haven’t read the originals yet, Mansfield Park and Bleak House.

  5. This is wonderful, Caroline! ‘Tom-All-Alone’s’ looks like a wonderful book! My bookshelf is overflowing with new unread books, unfortunately, and so I don’t think it will be fair if I participate in this giveaway. So, please don’t consider me. But I will officially feel jealous of the winner – a signed copy of the book thanks to Lynn, that is so awesome! All the best to all the participants!

  6. Thanks for sharing this giveaway. I would love to join. I wanted to read more classics in my spare time and having something which was inspired by one will surely be a good treat. I am also doing some book reviews and would like to write one after I read this novel.

    I also have ongoing books and cash giveaway in my site so please feel free to go to my page and click the giveaway tab. Links of giveaway posts will direct you to some amazing prizes. 🙂

  7. I am not entering the giveaway as I’ve read the book. Thanks for the mention – I was very enthusiastic about this book and now have Lynne’s next book waiting to be read.

  8. I’m watching the BBC’s Bleak House while I finish sewing up some Christmas gifts. I’ve always thought Tom All-Alone’s a most harrowing destination. It, more than Jarndyce’s Bleak House, sounds bleak indeed. It’s only a step from Tom’s to the Potter’s Field where Mr. Nemo lies. Brrrr! I’d like to read the book!

  9. This sounds good. I’m going to note it down in any case. The Woman in White is one of my all time favorites, so anything that compares is a book I’ll definitely give a try. I also loved watching Bleak House and plan on reading the book at some point. I finished A Christmas Carol last night–perfect holiday reading. 🙂

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