Wednesdays are wunderbar – Effi Briest Group Read Giveaway

Today we are kicking off the Wednesdays are wunderbar series which will be dedicated to giveaways. As Effi Briest is one of our readalong titles this is the first book that is given away.

The actual giveaway takes place on Lizzy’s blog. So if you are interested in winning Effi Briest and taking part in the readalong, please head over via this link and leave a comment.

Don’t miss reading one of the most wonderful German novels. With a bit of luck, you get the book version for free but you could also download it. You will find the details and more information on the readalong on Lizzy’s page.

13 thoughts on “Wednesdays are wunderbar – Effi Briest Group Read Giveaway

      • I was very frustrated not to have found a translation of Eline Vere for the Dutch reading month. I was afraid the same would happen for this one but no, I even found a paperback copy.

        I’m curious to see the connection with Madame Bovary and Anna Karenina, both great novels but I didn’t like their heroin.

        • Exactly my problem but I liked the character Effi very much. Effi Briest is far more renowned than Eline Vere. I’m not saying it is better, I haven’t read Eline Vere.

    • I could relate to Effi Briest, I didn’t feel a connection to Mme Bovary or Anna Karenina. I have read a few of his other books but so far Effi Briest has stood out.

    • i hope you will like it. And, please feel free to read at your own pace. We (or Lizzy) will send out questions which will make the writing of the posts easier but you can do as you please and join for the last part. Emma is going to do something like that. It’s a very quick read from what I remember.

  1. Hi Caroline, I feel very ignorant now – I hadn’t even heard of this book. Sounds as if it is very highly regarded from Lizzy’s description. I’ve entered the draw and hope to read along with you.

    • Of course you are not ignorant. It seems she really is overshadowed by Anna Karenina and Mme Bovary. I hope that the readalong and our Literature Month will make people want to read more Fontane and more German literature in general and Ialos hope that editors will decide to translate more.
      I hope you will like Effi Briest. She is the only one of the three I could relate to.

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