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I found this great site Crimeculture today and wanted to share it with you as I know that many of you also love crime, thriller, detective and suspense novels and movies. It contains a lot of information, essays, articles, lists on books and films. You will find the books and movies organized by subgenres like Victorian Detective Fiction, Classic Detective Novels, Early Hard-Boiled… Film Noir, Neo Noir, Asian Detectives. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. It’s a great resource.

20 thoughts on “Crimeculture – Books, Movies and More

    • You are welcome. I always think there is too much material of bad quality on the web. When for once I find something that looks really good I should share it. The people doing this site are really dedicated. The have a book out now with essays hat look interesting as well.

    • I really think this is a site worth exploring. I haven’t read Pennac, can you believe it? And I used to live in the arrondissement in which most of his novels take place for quite a while… Have you read and liked Léo Malet?

  1. Thanks for the site, it is very interesting. I can’t check it thoroughly yet because the site doesn’t work well in mobilephone. Will have a proper look later in my PC.

    • It’s a great resource, especially the articles. If I was at uni again I guess I would do much more research in the field of genre literature. The variety of subgenres is fascinating and alos to find out about people’s taste when it comes to those.

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