Berlin Alexanderplatz Readalong – German Literature Month 2019

In order to commemorate the centennial of the founding of the Weimar Republic, Lizzy and I are hosting a readalong of Berlin Alexanderplatz  during German Literature Month 2019. Döblin’s tale is one the seminal novels (if not the seminal novel) of that era.

We will discuss the novel over 4 weeks and we are intending to send out discussion questions a week in advance of each date. You can answer these or post your own thoughts, entirely as you please. If you’re intending to participate, please leave a comment and your email below.

The schedule is as follows.  (Each section is circa 100-140 pages in the NYRB classics edition.)

Saturday 9.11.2019 Chapters 1-2

Saturday 16.11.2019 Chapters 3-5

Saturday 23.11.2019 Chapters 6-7

Saturday 30.11.2019 Chapters 8-9

27 thoughts on “Berlin Alexanderplatz Readalong – German Literature Month 2019

  1. Good morning from Athens, Greece. I’ve only recently came across your very interesting blog. At the time, I was looking for some kind of review /explanation on the book The edge of the horizon by Tabucchi (which I happened to enjoy). What a pleasure it was to read your review and browse your blog! I’d be interested in taking part in this readalong (which is going to be my first ever). Will it be ok if I read the 2008 Penguin version? Thank you for your precious blogging work.

    • How lovely to have a visitor from Athens. Welcome. Thank you for the kind words about my blog and the Tabucchi post.
      I’m delighted to hear you will join us. You can read any edition you like.

  2. Berlin Alexanderplatz sounds like such an interesting novel. I look forward to the upcoming posts.

    The one hundred year anniversary of the founding of the Weimar Republic has gotten me thinking of all the changes that have happened in the past hundred years in Germany and elsewhere.

  3. This is so wonderful, Caroline! I always thought that ‘Berlin Alexanderplatz’ was a thousand page novel. From your post, it looks like it is shorter. This is so nice! I would love to participate in the readalong. Please count me in. Thanks so much for hosting this readalong! Can’t wait!

  4. Like others, I have existing reading plans and commitments that will prevent me from participating, but I await your posts with interests. It’s a novel that’s been on my radar for s while, so it will be fascinating to see what you make of it!

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    • Maybe now‘s the time? It’s not great before bedtime though. At least not for me. I’m too tired for this kind of booking the evening. It’s my morning coffee book now. It’s not exactly Ulysses but less readable than Dos Passos. (Books it has been compared to).

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