10 thoughts on ““Everybody Knows The Good Guys Lost” – RIP Leonard Cohen

  1. Though evil is never dismissed totally in all likelihood, it’s when good appears to be exhausted and no hope appears in sight that a new beginning comes. It may have to fight its way through bad times like the upcoming Trump presidency suggests it will be, and we may lose leaders like Leonard Cohen, but his legacy lives on to inspire us all, and we have to stick together and try to find both the compromises that can be safely made with “the other side” and the things we can’t afford to give up. I was grieved to hear about Cohen, and I feel it seems weirdly symbolic that he passed just after the American election, but I know I am not alone in both grieving and appreciating him, and that makes all the difference.

    • I agree with you – we can’t afford to give up. It seesm though a lot of people do. I’m part of a mainly US writer’s group. 150 people and nobody mentions the election. That shocks me.
      Silence is a political statement too. While I hardly ever address political things here – I tend to keep different topics apart – I wanted to, at least mention it and quote one of the greats we just lost.
      Silence is scary. For atrocitiies to happen it needs silent masses. People who look the other way, curl up and hide.

      • Caroline,
        It’s possible that they may not mention it because they realize the potential of bitter divisiveness if the topic were to be discussed; i.e. they may realize that by doing so they may corrupt group cohesion and the main focus of the group.
        Just a thought…
        Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)

        • I think that’s the general thought when it comes to politics but when it was about Brexit there was a lot of discussion. Admittedly only after someone living in the U.K. Began the discussion. I think it is shock. I saw comments before and they hardly doubted that finally they would have the first female president. I don’t think anyone voted the other way in that group.

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