World Cinema Series 2013 – Wrap up and Winner Announcement

While I’ve not been an active participant in my own event, others have made quite a few contributions, especially Novia (Polychrome Interest) and Ruth (Flixchatter).

As I said at the beginning, the person who covered the most countries will win a DVD for up to 25$ or an amazon voucher.

And the winner is Novia from Polychrome Interest, who reviewed eitght movies from 6 different countries.


Here are all the reviews

Intro posts

Novroz (Poychrome Interest)



The Wall – Die Wand (2012) – Caroline (Beauty is a Sleeping Cat)


No (2012) – Fariz (Vampibots)


The Flowers of War – Novia (Polychroem Interest)

Red Cliff (2008) – Ruth (Flixchatter)


Those Who Remain – Ceux qui restent (2007) – Guy (His Futile Preoccupations)

Holy Motors (2012) – Ruth (Flixchatter)

The Untouchable (2011) – Novia (Polychrome Interest)


Three Penny Opera – Richard (Caravana de recuerdos)

Lola rennt – Run, Lola, Run (1998) – Akbar Saputra (Me on The Movie)

The Untouchables (2010) – Ruth (Flixchatter)

Funny Games (1997) – Novia (polychrome Interest)

The Edge of Heaven (2007) JoV (JoV’s Book Pyramid)


King – Dhitz (Across Dhitz Universe)

Belenggu (2013) – Akbar Saputra (Me on The Movie)


About Elly (2009) – Fariz (Vampibots)


Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below (2011) – Dhitz (Across Dhitz Universe)

Twilight Samurai – Novroz (Polychrome Interest)

Detroit Metal City – Novroz (Polychrome Interest)

Shinjuku Incident (2009) JoV (JoV’s Book Pyramid)


Perfect Number – Novroz (Polychrome Interest)


Headhunters (2011) – Ruth (Flixchatter)


When Pigs Have Wings – Le Cochon de Gaza (2011) – JoV (JoV’s Book Pyramid)

South Korea

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…. Spring (2003) – Akbar Saputra (Me on The Movie)


Bolano cercano – Richard (Caravana de recuerdos)


The Beatles – Help – Novia (Polychrome Interest)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail – Novia (Polychrome Interest)

The 39 Steps – TBM (50 Year Project)

Her Majesty Mrs Brown (1997) – Ruth (Flixchatter)


The Scent of Green Papaya – TBM (50Year Project)

28 thoughts on “World Cinema Series 2013 – Wrap up and Winner Announcement

  1. Congratulations to Novia!

    I wanted to participate in the event this year, Caroline, but I couldn’t. I hope you host it next year. I will definitely participate. I have big film plans for next year and I am hoping to include the World Cinema series in that 🙂

      • I can relate to that Caroline. I have been meaning to post movie reviews from Iranian movie “About Elly”, “Impossible”, Palestinian movie “5 Broken Cameras” and some of the great world cinema movies I have watched but didn’t get the chance to write a review about them. Oh well, better luck this year! 🙂 Thanks for hosting Caroline.

        • I haven’t decided yet whether to host it again but I think I will. 🙂
          I have a few DVDs well worth rewatching and finally revieweing. I’ve read a review of About Elly. It sounded quite good.

  2. Wow, you and I were even bigger SLACKERS this year than last year–although you at least kept your event rolling. Anyway, congrats to Novia and best of luck film watching to everybody next year!

    • It’s unbelievable, right? It’s as if we jinxed it in creating this event.
      Sorry, I forgot to add your event, I had a feeling it died in January.
      I could add more if I started to add the war movies and should do so as I’ve moved away from “typical” war movies to wartime movies.

  3. What a large number of films! I’m so impressed by people who manage to engage with so much culture. Mind you, I’m always reading and it takes up all my movie watching time (plus I am extremely picky about what films I see). Congrats to Novia.

    • It’s a choice. If you prefer the written word, why would you force yourself to watch TV/cinema, right? I can’t limit myself to one way of telling stories. I like them all to some extent. Funny enough I find movies often more inspiring when it comes to writing.

  4. Oh wow…I didn’t realize I won. I think stopped reviewing foreign movies months ago because I have been engaged with many TVSeries lately.

    Thank you Caroline 🙂 and thank you TBM, Guy, vishy, litlove and Richard

  5. Lots of good movies! This past year was a stinker for me when it comes to reading (well, more or less). I can’t even seem to concentrate on movie watching (American TV is pretty bad I think, so no loss there not to spend time in front of the television). I’d like to see The Wall–but I think I will wait until spring or summer–it’s maybe a little too heavy for such long dark (and now cold) days.

    • It wasn’t that dark, not when you know the story but Id’ say it works better in summer.
      There are quite a few US series that I enjoy, I must admit but I wait until they are on DVD. I can’t sit in front of a TV at a given time.

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