Welcome to German Literature Month


Lizzy and I are happy to announce the official beginning of German Literature Month. A few introduction posts and lists have cropped up here and there already, which tells us, the event will be running strong once more.

Since google reader doesn’t exist anymore and a really great alternative hasn’t been found, we’ve decided to set up a German Literature Month site on Blogger which allows you to use Mr. Linky.

Please sign up and leave your links here: German Literature Month Blog

You can find the link to the review site on my sidebar.

I’ve already started a couple of books and hope to be able to post the first reviews soon.

My plans are, as usual. over-enthusiastic.

I’m currently reading or planning on reading the following books

Allissa Walser Mesmerized – Am Anfang war die Nacht Musik

W.G Sebald The Emigrants – Die Ausgewanderten

Ferdinand von Schirach – Tabu (not translated yet)

Eduard von Keyserling – Schwüle Tage (not translated)

Elke Schwitters Mrs Sartoris – Frau Sartoris

Stefan Zweig – Beware of Pity – Ungeduld des Herzens

Please sign up and leave your links here: German Literature Month Blog

36 thoughts on “Welcome to German Literature Month

  1. Happy start to German Literature Month, Caroline! Thanks a lot to you and Lizzy for hosting my favourite reading event of the year! I can’t wait to start my first book. I am just taking all my German books and putting them on a pile and deciding which one to read first. The books you have planned to read look quite interesting. Ferdinand von Schirach has come out with a new book? Wow! Hope it gets translated into English soon. Looking forward to reading your first GLM review. Happy reading!

      • I just read the description of the Alissa Walser book in Amazon. It looks so wonderful! It also looks very familiar – it looks like I might have read a review of the book earlier. Did you write about it before? I am having some problems getting Birgit Vanderbeke’s ‘The Mussel Feast’ and I am waiting for Karen Duve’s ‘Rain’ to arrive, but otherwise for the time being, my reading list is set, I think. Looking forward to starting the first book later today. It is festival time here and the fireworks have started outside and there is a lot of excitement in the air. GLM has also started and life is exciting in front of my computer. How much more wonderful can life get! Feeling so happy, happy, happy!

        • What a lovely comment. 🙂
          I didn’t know there was festival time where you live now. Is that Diwali? I’d love to experience that some day.
          I haven’t written about Alissa Walser. I know Iris wrote a review and maybe Lizzy a year or so ago – not during GLM.
          I like it very much. I hope you’ll receive the Vanderbeke. It’s very short, I’m sure you’ll be able to read it.
          I’ll be reading later today as well. It’s nice to share an event like this, knowing others are also picking up German books. 🙂

          • Yes it is Diwali – you guessed correctly 🙂
            I am not able to remember where I read about Alissa Walser’s book. The English edition is dated June 2013 and so it could not have been a long time back. It looks like a beautiful book. Hope you are enjoying reading it. Will look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.
            I am hoping that I will be able to get the Vanderbeke book. I thought I will start with it as it is short and I can read it in a day and quickly post on it 🙂 But because I have not got it yet, now I am planning to start Ingeborg Bachmann’s short story collection ‘The Thirtieth Year’.
            Happy reading!

  2. Thanks for hosting once again! I look forward to reading lots of interesting posts! Another nice thing about these events is that one usually discovers great new blogs. I will be joining in with at least one post myself.

  3. I’m going to a meditation retreat for most of November and there’s no reading or internet or anything like that allowed, so I won’t be able to participate this year, but I’m enjoying reading the early posts – have seen Stu and Vishy already off the mark! I’ll catch up with some later in the month. Your reading plans sound great! I’ve always meant to read The Emigrants, so will be interested to hear about that one.

    • Have a great time, Andrew. I’ve been to mini-rerteats but never a whole month. Sounds great.
      I started the SEbald and so far I find it quite astonishing, very different from Austerlitz.

  4. Looking forward to this adventure with you, Caroline! I am better versed in Japanese literature, but of course that is one of the reasons we blog: to increase our horizons and share them with friends.

    Have put my initial post in my blog. xo

  5. Will do my best to read at least one book this month. I’m a bit overstretched, but will really try. I wish you a smashing success. And I look forward to following along.

  6. I’m already looking forward to your review of The Emigrants. I have that book to read and it will be my first Sebold. If I can get it into this month I will, but it may not happen. Still, I will be as ever delighted to keep up with German Literature Month as it goes along!

      • I didn’t know you had quit. So, no silly mugs with names now? I hope you’re doing something that suits you better.
        I have Crimes by von Schirach, a Rilke and several Zweigs at home.
        I’d love to read the Keun that Brian has read but I can’t find it in French. And Mrs Sartoris.

        • It’s quite recent. I’m still recovering at the moment, meaning I took a year off and then I’ll see what I’ll do. Freelancing is the idea. Translations and such.
          I really couldn’t take it anymore.
          These are all great books, I’m sure you’ll some of them.
          I’m surprised Keun isn’t available in French. Just checked – used copies, that’s all.

  7. My plans (as usual) are also overly-enthusiastic, but I can never help myself! 🙂 I am enjoying my current reading and only hope I can finish most of my books this month (rather than having them drag on for the rest of the year…). I loved Beware of Pity and hope to read a story or two by Zweig!

    • I have huge piles and will only read a tiny amount of the books.
      You did so well the past years, I’m sure you’ll do well again. Beware of Pity tempts me but it’s a bit longish.
      I like the Sebald so far.

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