525 Free Movies Online – Classics, Indies, Noir, Western and Shorts

Maybe I’m the last to find out about this but if I’m not, I’m sure a lot of you will be interested in this amazing resource. Open Culture provides links to 525 movies which you can watch for free online. Some on YouTube, some on their own page.

I’ve been meaning to watch some of the Tarkovsky movies like Solaris and Stalker again and they are available here. So are Ivan’s Childhood, and Mirror and some more.

Of course you’ll find many other movies and film directors too.

I also like that they included some short movies which won prizes like the French short J’attendrai le prochain which I included above. There are quite a few silent movies and documentaries too.

For people interested in film and film history, this is an invaluable site.

Should you not be interested in film, you may still have a look and find other interesting things like free courses and books. The categories are listed in the side bar.

32 thoughts on “525 Free Movies Online – Classics, Indies, Noir, Western and Shorts

  1. This looks like a wonderful resource, Caroline. Thanks for writing about it and sharing the link. It will be wonderful to check their collection and see some rare-to-find movies. Hope you are able to find the Tarkovsky movies there. Happy watching!

    • Thanks Vishy.
      I was looking for Tarkovsky and the found this amazing collection of links.
      I want to re-watch Stalker as I’ve bought Geoff Dyer’s latest book which is about the movie.

  2. I hadn’t heard of Open Culture. Thank you for sharing the link. I’m going to the site and peruse the selection. It will be great to watch some of the shorts and other selections that I wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

    • I’m so glad I decided to post about this. I thought it was great but since it was so great I was afraid that I everyone already knew. 🙂
      It left me speechless too, I didn’t see that coming… They manage to say a lot in such a short time.

  3. I really need to get set up so that I am able to comfortably watch movies on line. Thanks for the tip, I love classic and older films.

    • I hope you’ll find movies you’ll like.
      I watch on my laptop occasionally because it’s quite big but it would be better if I managed to watch it on the TV.

  4. How cool-I’ve never heard of this–must go check it out. I am not sure my internet is fast enough to watch a movie via youtube, but maybe there are other things to see and do!

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