Bookish Luck


Someone at work had the idea to install a corner for abandoned books in the coffee area. People who want to get rid of their books can leave them on some shelves. Of course I had to have a look. Within a few days the shelves were crowded. Surprisingly there were more unread than read books. Most of the books which showed signs of having been read before were by authors I’m not interest in but there were quite a few brand new copies of books I had wanted to buy anyway or which looked interesting. So over the last weeks I’ve been adopting quite a few of them.

Here’s the booty:


Don DeLillo – Underworld

Fatal Eggs

Mikhail Bulgakow – The Fatal Eggs

Winter Birds

Jim Grimsley – Winter Birds


Helen Garner – The Spare Room


Ian McEwan – Saturday


Carol Shields Swann


Sue Grafton  – V is for Vengeance


Nicci Gerrard – The Moment You Were Gone

I think I was very lucky.

While I’ve never heard of Jim Grimsley before, I’ve already started Helen Garner’s  The Spare Room which had been on my wish list anyway. I was so pleased to find it. I absolutely love it and will review it shortly. If it wasn’t so bulky, I’d be tempted to start Underworld next.

Do you know the books? Have you read any of them?