Anne Perry – Interiors (2009) A Documentary

A while back I reviewed Heavenly Creatures (see my review) the movie based on the true story of two young girls who murdered the mother of one of them. One of the girls is the famous crime writer Anne Perry.

The movie was excellent although very disturbing. Last week I discovered on Sam’s blog Book Chase that there is a documentary on the story called Anne Perry – Interiors. If anyone is interested to dig deeper, Sam’s post contains other info and a long discussion.

I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but will try to do so.

Here is the original site Anne Perry – Interiors

14 thoughts on “Anne Perry – Interiors (2009) A Documentary

  1. I wasn’t aware of this documentary! I watched Heavenly Creatures a couple of times several years ago. I wasn’t familiar with Anne Perry’s writing at that time and didn’t pay more than a modicum of interest to the fact that one of the girls was Anne Perry. So this post of yours has clued me in to the background of this prolific author. It’s rather fascinating that she has written so many crime & detective fiction books!
    Thank you for this very interesting post! I’m off to look up Interiors :o)

    • You are welcome, Amy. The whole story is very fascinaing, really. When they filmed Heavenly Creatures apparently nobody knew it was Anne Perry, they put two and two together after the movie. This is the first time she is really talking about it. I don’t know how easy it will be to get it. I would be very interested to watch it. I found Heavenly Cratures very disturbing and really wondered how you would live with this.

  2. I saw the title of your post and thought: “Isn’t that?….” yes I was right it is. Thanks I’ll try to find this. I was just thinking about Heavenly Creatures after watching IN HER SKIN (true Aussie crime film).

    • I thought I need to share this when I saw it on Sam’s blog. It’s a German documentary, btw. Surprising. I think you can only watch it online but I didn’t really figure out how. I’d love to watch it. I haven’t seen In Her Skin, one to track down for me, thanks as well.

  3. I remember being stunned one morning years ago while listening to NPR , the program was about Anne Perry and the murder. I’d read quite a few of her books and was completely taken aback. Later, I watched Heavenly Creatures, which was, indeed, disturbing. Thanks for sharing the info about this documentary; I missed it on Sam’s blog.

    • You are welcome. He posted it at least a month ago or longer. I didn’t know anything about the murder until, I think, Bookaroundthecorner mentioned it in a comment and then I watched Heavenly Creatures. What’s also quite astonishing that both women live in England under other names and didn’t know it. The other one sounds like a very peculiar woman. Someone posted a link to an article on my Heavenly Creatures post.

    • Yes, it is shocking. Not only that they killed her but the violence with which they did it. I would really know how she dealt with this. I don’t think it’s a movie that lets anyone untouched.

  4. I’m not sure about the movie (you’ll have to forgive me, I am a terrible wimp when it comes to visual representation and can’t bear scary, shocking or gory things), but you remind me I’d like to try Anne Perry’s writing.

    • I read one of her books a long time ago and did like it. The movie is quite shocking. It isn’t too gory but you cann easily see and imagine what happened and that’s quite enough. I would like to see the documentary and find out how she dealt with this, how she does talk about it.

  5. I agree that that is a disturbing/shocking film. I still like reading Anne Perry, but it is strange to think she did that when she was young. I also missed this on Sam’s blog (I think Google reader shortens posts on some blogs so I only see headlines and not contents….very annoying), so I will also check this documentary out.

    • I suppose Google reader does shorten things, yes, and as far as I remember the title didn’t really say what it was about. It doesn’t keep me from reading Anne Perry just because I know this. I almost pity her, to live with something like this on your conscience must be really bad.

  6. I didn’t like Heavenly Creatures at all and thought it was very superficial and hystrionic rather than insightful. But this documentary is wonderful; I recently purchased a copy of the DVD. Perry is a wonderful writer; compassionate, and she uses the senses to make her novels come alive. The reader feels like they are right there, in that (Victorian, WW1, etc) space and time.

    • Thanks for your coment. I really want to watch it and should probably also read her again. The one or two books I read were well done. She describes the settings very well.
      I was impressed with Heavenly Creatures, I found it very disturbing. It was quite experimental and there would have been numerous other ways to tell the story, more sober ones. I thought it conveyed something but at the same time I was left with a lot ofopen questions.

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