Jenn Ashworth: Cold Light (2011) Giveaway

This is the tale of three fourteen-year-old girls and a volatile combination of lies, jealousy and perversion that ends in tragedy. Except the tragedy is even darker and more tangled than their tight-knit community has been persuaded to believe.
Blackly funny and with a surreal edge to its portrait of a northern English town, Jenn Ashworth’s gripping novel captures the intensity of girls’ friendships and the dangers they face in a predatory adult world they think they can handle. And it shows just how far that world is willing to let sentiment get in the way of the truth.

Anyone who follows this blog knows how much I loved Jenn Ashworth’s novel A Kind of Intimacy (here is my review). That’s why I am especially pleased to be able to giveaway 2 copies of her new book Cold Light courtesy of

The giveaway is open internationally. All you need to do is leave a comment and tell me if you would like one of the books. If there is a lot of interest, I will determine the winners with the help of They will be announced next Monday.

I started reading my review copy and so far I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s different from A Kind of Intimacy but quite captivating as well.

The giveaway ends Sunday June 5 2011.

14 thoughts on “Jenn Ashworth: Cold Light (2011) Giveaway

  1. I’m delighted to see that you’re going to review this. I read A Kind of Intimacy and it was one of my best reads of 2010. Cold Light won’t be published in N. America until 2012. I’d like to be entered for the give-away. Thanks.

  2. Lucky you to have copies of this! I’ve been eying it but the Book Depository has been out of copies, so would love it if you dropped my name into the virtual hat! I loved her first book and will definitely be reading this at some point.

  3. I’d love to read this book. I think growing up for girls, especially is difficult and fraught with painful occurrences. I am most intrested in reading Jenn Ashworth’s work because you describe it as dark and intense but also humorous. It also sounds as if she has a talent for captivating characters.

    • I’ll gladly add you to the drawing. Her characters are very complex but from what I read so far of this novel, it is much darker.
      She captures the difficulties, dangers and challenges young girls face extremely well.

  4. count me in for the draw…if I am not too late. I am always curious with the books you have reviewed.

    by the way, you should join the giveaway blogathon held by Judith. I am joining in (earlier than my original plan for 1000posts)

    • No, no, you are not too late. It’s open until Sunday, I will draw on Sunday evening and announce the winners on Monday.
      Judith, that’s Leeswammes, right? I’ll have to check, thanks.

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