The Young Victoria (2009) The Early Years of Queen Victoria. A Gorgeous Period Drama

This movie is a gift. It is gorgeous, sumptuous, enchanting and simply uplifting. Emily Blunt as the young Queen Victoria is such a good choice. She is really lovely. No one who enjoys this period, the style, those wonderful clothes should miss this movie. It makes you dream. I am enthusiastic about the colors they chose for her dresses, always very strong colors, purple, emerald-green, ruby-red, saffron yellow and sapphire blue. She wears them with matching headdresses and exquisite jewellery.

The Young Victoria follows the early years of the young queen. It starts shortly before she becomes Queen and shows how she had to fight for her right to become Queen despite her young age (she was only 18 years old). Her mother was her worst enemy at the time, although she herself was under the influence of another. She controlled and manipulated young Victoria to an unimaginable extent. Once Queen, Victoria freed herself. Lord Melbourne, her Prime Minister, helped her and assisted her in all her duties. She was a very spirited young woman and I enjoyed to see how capable she was to fight for herself. The love story between Victoria and her German cousin Albert is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. They are really a cute couple. It wasn’t a head over heels passion but a strong fondness from the beginning. After initial struggles they reigned together for twenty years. I had no idea about any of this, frankly. I did not know that they loved each other so much until his early death parted them. I did not know that she was the first sovereign to live in Buckingham Palace.

The Young Victoria is really a must-see for everyone who loves period drama, this particular era and the story of a strong woman and a true love.

8 thoughts on “The Young Victoria (2009) The Early Years of Queen Victoria. A Gorgeous Period Drama

    • She is wonderful. I saw her in a few films now and every time she was good. I was a bit sceptical at first with this movie but I enjoyed it so much. I was rather lucky in my choice of period dramas this year. There are still I few I have not reviewed yet. My favourite so far was The Duchess. It moved me a lot. This one was pure enchantment. Thank you for visiting.

  1. I loved this as well–so much so I had to own it. I love the lavishness of the sets and costumes, but then that was how she really lived! I wanted to go out and read a bio of her, but I’ve not yet gotten to it–my slow nonfiction reading!!…..

    • I will watch this again, about sure about. I guess she lived like this but I was wondering about the colors. Did they really wear costumes with such inetense colours?

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