New Fiction in The Vignette Review and Ink in Thirds

Ink in Thirds

May was a particularly good month for acceptances. I’ve had three stories accepted, two of which have been published by now, the third is forthcoming at the end of this month.

I’m particularly happy about these acceptances because the stories are so diverse. One is a prose poem, one is a historical, and one a YA short story.

For those who would like to read them, here’s my historical flash.

The New Girl

and here’s my prose poem:

I Keep the First for Another Day

28 thoughts on “New Fiction in The Vignette Review and Ink in Thirds

  1. Well done! A good month for acceptances means you are sending things out – which is always the challenge, isn’t it? (And, of course, it also means you write well, but we know that you do, nevertheless, yay for that too.)

  2. Congratulations Caroline! I loved both the story and the prose poem. The picture accompanying the prose poem was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Congratulations Caroline!

    I really like the two poems that you linked.

    In particular “I Keep the First for Another Day” is fantastic. The situation described seems unusual and a little enigmatic yet realistic. It also flows so well.

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