Small Break


I’m off to Vienna for a course and won’t be back before Tuesday 20. I wanted to write a couple of reviews before leaving but since I had the flu, I ran out of time. I just thought I let you know that I’m not ill anymore, just travelling.

I guess I could see this as a warm up for German Literature Month. I certainly hope I’ll get the chance to visit a book shop or two.

Should you wonder – the photo shows the Strudlhofstiege.

I hope you’re all doing fine. See you again in ten days.

13 thoughts on “Small Break

  1. Have a great time! Glad you’re feeling better, and hope you can bring back some photos as you did one of the other times you went away. Regardless of that consideration, though, maybe you’ll have a post for us on what you did? Fingers crossed for safe and easy travel arrangements.

  2. I’ll be interested in your thoughts on Vienna. I had a whistle stop trip there in February – didnt get to see very much unfortunately though what I did see just gave me an appetite to go back

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