Poetry Month Book Giveaway – The Day the World Ends – A Collection of Poems by Ethan Coen

April is poetry month and that seems to be an excellent reason to give away a book of poetry. I wasn’t even aware of the fact that the younger of the two Coen brothers wrote poems before Crown Publishing offered me the opportunity to give away his newly released book The Day the World Ends.

Here is what the blurb says

Coen’s eccentric genius is revealed again in THE DAY THE WORLD ENDS (Broadway Paperbacks Original, on sale April 3, 2012), a collection of poems that offers humor and provides insight into an artist who has always pushed the boundaries of his craft. THE DAY THE WORLD ENDS  is a remarkable range of poems that are as funny, ribald, provocative, raw, and often touching as the brilliant films that have made the Coen brothers cult legends.

I haven’t read any of his poems but I like the movies of the Coen brothers a lot. The Big Lebowski is one of my favourite comedies. It seems that some of the poems in his older collection were quite controversial.


If you would you like to win the book, please leave a comment. The giveaway is open internationally. The winner will be announced on Sunday 15 April 2012. 

18 thoughts on “Poetry Month Book Giveaway – The Day the World Ends – A Collection of Poems by Ethan Coen

  1. I’l enter. I had no idea that E. Coen wrote poetry either. I recently saw the brothers on an interview. It was interesting to see them interact with each other.

  2. Please enter me 🙂 It is wonderful that Ethan Coen has written a book filled with poems. I am amazed when artists – movie directors, actresses, actors, musicians – show us a glimpse into another facet of their talent, by writing poems or writing a novel. It looks like they are so bursting with creative energy that one mode of expression is not sufficient for their creativity to be released and it bursts out and manifests itself in different beautiful forms.

    • That’s so well said, Vishy, it’s true. I have a fondness for people like this. I have no idea what the poems are like but it’s interesting that he writes them.

  3. I, too, was offered this book and have been reading it. One of the things I appreciate the most about his poems is that I understand them! I don’t exactly agree with all of them, for example the one about the end of the world, but I do see his secular point of view. The pain and scorn from which he writes.

    • Thanks for the comment, Bellezza. It’s such a common problem I have with poems that even though I find them beautiful I cannot always understand them fully. I like it that he writes accessible poems.
      I didn’t agree with one of the older ones I read but appreciated the sentiment in it nonetheless.

  4. I would definitely like to enter this poetry giveaway . It came as a pleasant surprise that Ethan Coen is also a poet. Film directors do make good writers. I am still waiting when Woody Allen will come out with a book. “No country for old men” & “o brother, where art thou” are two of my favorite movies by Coen Brothers.

  5. I’m definitely interested in this one and would like to enter. Didn’t know Ethan Coen wrote, or more precisely, published poems. I guess a lot of people write poetry privately, not for publication?

    The Coen bros. interview on PBS radio for True Grit is very interesting (should be archived online). It goes far deeper than the usual marketing promo babble. For example how they used the English of the time which didn’t use our present day abbreviations, i.e. “did not” instead of didn’t etc. (there’s a term for these abbreviations but I’ve forgotten it).
    I too like Big Lebowski most of all. Maybe because it’s a bit like a Monty Python or Terry Gilliam movie.

    • I’ll eneter your name.
      I’d love to hear that – going to look if I can find the interview. It sounds interesting. I don’t know how you call those abbreviations.
      I like their other movies as well but when it comes to comedies, I love The Big Lebowski. I like the character so much.

      • “The Dude” is great, but then I always like Jeff Bridges’ characters.

        Have you seen “Surf’s Up”? It’s animation with penguins, but it’s not plain kids stuff. Jeff Bridges voices the guru surfer penguin. There’s some of The Dude in there too. Great fun film 🙂

    • I think it does look interestting. I do often like poems but for some reason I don’t read many. I signed up for a challenge this year so I will have to read at least one collection.
      I was thinking of Parrish as well. Maybe he didn’t see it or he’s got it already.

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