Caspar David Friedrich’s Cloister Cemetery in the Snow (1817-1819)

For years, Caspar David Friedrich used to be my favourite painter. There are not many painters like him who are such perfect examples of dark romanticism. What E.T.A. Hoffmann represents for German literature, Caspar David Friedrich incarnates for German art.

6 thoughts on “Caspar David Friedrich’s Cloister Cemetery in the Snow (1817-1819)

    • I never saw this comment of yours… It does strike me that you do not like romanticism in literature but you do in art. Interesting.
      I still like Caspar David Friedrich. I saw a nice Modigliani retrospective in rome three years ago and bought his biography but… Always the same story. Not enough time.

        • I think I also tend to rather suffer in silence still I enjoy a lot of Romantic writing. What about ghost stories? I think there is such a ghostly feel in Caspar David Friedrich’s paintings. I love Gothic things. Susan Hill’s ghost stories could be illustrated by one of his paintings. Very old-fashioned and well written. Like M.R. James.

  1. I just noticed this post listed on your sidebar under Top Posts and had to click over. I discovered him recently through the Josipovici book that was The Wolves’ May reading selection. I definitely need to track down more of his paintings. I like the one you shared here – so evocative.

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