We Want the Cat-Library™

A little picture (of a suitcase filled with books!) on Parrish Lantern‘s blog guided me to a site with loads of pictures of bookshelves. Here I discovered this incredible invention. This is THE solution I have been looking for. I really hope it’s going into production in May.

The designer is called Corentin Dombrecht. Here is his site .

10 thoughts on “We Want the Cat-Library™

    • Isn’t it? It’s such a great idea and you can put it up in two different ways. Either they can go up in the front or you turn it around and they can peep out and walk up in the back.

  1. Excellent!! I don’t have cats, but I think it’s brilliant. Your cats won’t be able to chew books up there. They’re going to miss the taste of paper.
    The idea of eating books makes me think of Sam Savage’s book : Firmin. Have you read it?

    • No, I don’t know it. Is it not about a rat? I love rats but can’t have one now. He is the book chewer, she doesn’t but she is the climber, so she would sleep up there while he would still chew on the books on the floor or on my bed, never on the shelves. He just loves to rip paper and I had to let go of the bad habit of chucking bills on the floor.

      • Firmin is about a rat who loves books. At first he loves eating books and then he loves reading them. He lives in a bookstore. It’s a rather sad tale about loneliness, the difficulty to accept difference and a wonderful tribute to literature.

        I suspect Sam Savage chose a rat because of “rat de bibliothèque”, there are references to France and French literature.

        There’s a review on my blog if you’re interested.

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